OMG! I’m Almost MARRIED!

 Time seems to move faster nowadays!


Today I realised that I am now left with one month till my wedding day! So before the BIG day is here, I would like share something special with my fellow friends.

I have been asked many times “So how did he propose?”, and many times I replied “Well, you know…” (I just don’t know where to start!) So in between glances at the fine jewelry he spent his hard earned money on, I would like to post my story for the rest of you to enjoy…


Kelvin and I had a very long engagement. He proposed to me on the 23rd December 2008 during a Christmas dinner in Melbourne. It was a chilly Chritmas night and he picked me up from the manicure saloon in Carlton before heading to dinner. It was just like any other dinner date that we had, but with some extra pleasant Christmas feelings. Kinda holiday moodz~


He drove us to a restaurant on Mt. Dandenong and we had a nice dinner with live entertainments and enjoying sunsets and beautiful lights from the city when the night falls.

After our dinner, with an elevated mood, we decided to walk a little before getting into his car. And he slowly took out this little black box from his pocket and flashed out this ring. He smiled and looked at me. I totally didn’t expect he will pop the question and never really prepared for it. I startled for a while before hearing him asking “Will you marry me?” (I almost said “I don’t know” coz’ I was too shocked). Tears started rolling down my cheeks and I said yes.

It was a wonderful moment of utter joy and knowledge that the person I will spend the rest of my life with has just committed himself to me forever. Not really outlandish, but meaningful. He could have arrange an extravagant proposal with flowers, surprises, airplanes and fireworks; or even worked with the live performers and waitresses at the restaurant to publicly declare his devotion, but he didn’t. And it makes me understand that he has really come to know me and my preference and that is all that matters.


If you asked me, it was something close to this:


Guys, hope it gives some insights to you on how we girls look at it. Skywriting and private jet ride will be appreciated, but the meaning behind it is really what the proposal is about.

Thank you so much for reading!

Good Luck!

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