Hello World!

I have been dreaming about starting a blog of my own for the longest time and today I just did! Although I am still very much overwhelmed by all the buttons and stuffs, but I think we’ll start slowly from here.


For a period of time, probably about 5 years (earth time), I thought I was living on Mars.

Life on Mars is simple and purely hedonistic. I do what ordinary people seems only to do when they are on vacation. I go places that are interesting or beautiful and linger in them. Dancing and parties. Read good books and hang out with cool people. Hike in mountains, swim in the ocean and go sailing. Eat well, drink good wine. Listen to music, play music and make music. Museums and theaters… I do whatever gives me pleasure until I am tired. Then I lie in shades, and read poems to my lover(s).

And then things changed one fine day. Suddenly I feel guilty for all the pleasures that I used to enjoy. Freedom, used to have a broader appeal! I was trapped!

And then I thought, why not go back to Mars? Embracing this new realization, in great hope and with great anticipation, I decided to take the first step out, in search of a life more fully and freely lived…

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