The Question?

I have been getting a lot of this questions during my wedding marathon in 3 cities across 2 continents:

“What makes you say yes to Kelvin?”

I often startled and was surprised by such question. “Hm…Kelvin has been very nice to me.” I will reply in a calm gentle tone, so that people knows that I am serious in this. However, today I have decided to write something about what I think about this.

In my eyes, there’s always something special about him. In things that he does, in words that he speaks. In my eyes, he is the sun to my world. Fill me with warmth and love. A gentle touch means a thousand songs in my heart. In my eyes, he has got a big hearts. That is enough to accomodate everything in this world. And everything about me. Even very bad part of me. He is like a song that God has created for me. Every tune has its special magic that works perfectly on me. In my eyes, he is the most beautiful of all. He is my dream come true and my book of inspirations in life. That deserve my love and all the time of the rest of my life.

Without his continuous encouragement, support and love, I will not be who I am today.

And that is why, I say yes.

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