Surround Yourself with Passionate People {I♥KL}

During a recent business trip to KL, Kelvin and I had an amazing dinner with my best friends on the planet, Lindy, Patricia, Sean and his friend Karen. The dinner was simple, six people, gourmet Italian food, a little wine, a little dessert, nothing else. Except that we laughed and lost ourselves in conversation so deeply that before we knew it, it was almost midnight and I was shocked how quickly time has passed!

The secret is also simple: when you talk with people who are passionate about what they’re doing, passionate about life and the people they love, it is transformative. Spending time with them is like therapy to me. It makes me want to build new things, run faster, eat healthier, dream bigger and live on a new level altogether.

Lindy & Eryn

Friendship allows us to share stories and make our dreams come alive!! We get together for support. For inspirations. For connection. For creativity.

It all begins and ends with passion. That night I lie on the bed in our hotel room and dreamed about moving to KL city and get surrounded by these passionate people… XOXO

Read about Eryn said BYE BYE out LOUD! [Bachelorette Party].

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