What my mum has taught me~

My mum is my inspiration. I came right out of my mother’s womb and into her wardrobe. Her wardrobe and dressing table were my earliest memory. As a young girl, I thought she epitomized glamour. Everything about her was and still is beautiful. Her hair, her jewelry, her smiles…

When I was little, I used to raid my mum’s dressing table and wardrobe and look for every possible thing that I can put on myself. When I checked my own reflection in the mirror, I started dreaming away. I had thousand of dreams. I wanted to dance. I wanted to travel to exotic places. I wanted to do the unimaginable.

My mum in her beautiful handmade cheongsam on her wedding day.

I enjoyed sitting beside my mum and watched her doing her make up (by the way, my mum was a make-up artist before she married my dad). While doing that, she would tell me stories about life and teach me all about manners and etiquettes for a mischievous girl like me. My mum has got so much positive energy in her, her eyes always glitter in happiness and her way of living was always fun to me!

I asked my mum to give it to me so that I can wear it on my wedding day 🙂

And as I grow older, I realize living it up is not about the look and the materials. It’s about this fantasy life to be and do. It’s about stepping out with the biggest smile, the highest heels, hanging out with your favourite people and laughing until it hurts, jetting away from home to wonderful adventures and be truly alive!

Wanted to know how to dance in this dress?? Click here 🙂

10 thoughts on “What my mum has taught me~

  1. What a wonderful tribute and awesome memories. I envy those who have beautiful relationships with their parents. I did not have a good relationship with my mom but I do see all the terrific attributes my mom had that is a big part of me and made the person I am today. Now that I’m older (not necessary wiser,) I think part of the reasons I didn’t get along with my mom was because we are very much alike. Moms Rock!!!


    1. In fact I was wearing this dress for my first dance. It was also the very dress my mum wore on her wedding reception. I was amazed that it fits perfectly on me!! I personally feel meaningful about this. To Kelvin and I this is the first formal event we dance together as husband and wife. It symbolizes the start of our marriage life. A dance is just like marriage. 2 person has to work in synchronize to make it works. We practice hard and through the dance we have learned more about each other and grow together in this new partnership of life. And in this dress, I wish, I could dance charmingly in my marriage just like my mother does 🙂


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