Christmas In Making

December is my favourite month of the year because everything looks extra nice… with ribbons, beautiful lights and glittering Christmas trees. Kelvin and I have decided to throw a Christmas party at our place this year… we are doing it a little bit differently this year and I am all excited about it!!

And here’s some pictures of our Christmas in making:

We do not have a Christmas tree at home. Mainly because I am not a big believer in the “Christmas-must-have-a-Christmas-tree” idea. Although I love beautifully decorated Christmas tree and professionally done houses, the tasteful ones. This is what I set up for this Christmas.

This is where, under it, I will stack all the presents!

A nice Christmas wreath…

A centerpiece to place beside the Christmas feast…

And also, I am sewing my own Melinda Looi inspired dress 🙂

Hopefully I can wear it soon…

And despite being a naughty wife, this is my Christmas present from Kelvin 🙂

Cannot open until Christmas… Hmm…

I happily look at the RSVP list, and there are still a lot to be done!! Christmas food menu, wines, festive nail designs, lights, more lights and gifts!

I love Christmas, for beyond all the fancy multi-coloured lights and delectable feast; it’s about exuberance, joy, and magic!!

Merry Christmas everyone~

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