Old Town Vacation [CNY Edition]

Finally I am blogging about my new year holidays! I have got so much to write about because this is the very first time I celebrated Chinese New Year with Kelvin’s family in old town Ipoh. People has been telling me all sorts of tales of how newly married girl being bullied by the in-laws during CNY period… *gulp*~ I was abit worried and nervous on our trip to Ipoh and I keep checking if I have got everything in the car… clothes, towel, camera, presents, calculate all the ang pows and tried to talk to Kelvin about weather and not to think about all those scary stories about abusive sister-in-law and laundry and washing everyone’s dishes etc etc…

1. Although not usual, but our CNY holidays started with a funeral in Ipoh. Loss of a dearly loved family member draws everyone nearer to each other for love, care and support. R.I.P 5th uncle.

2. My father-in-law knew that Ipoh Horfun is my life time favourite (which is also one of the reason I feel so blessed to have married a guy originated from Ipoh). My in-laws brought me to eat my favourite delicious chicken noodles almost everyday at different places! And this LOU WONG is the best! No matter how busy they are or how crowded it is, you can always get the same quality every time! And it taste extraordinary tasty on rainy nights… Mmm….

3. Eating coconuts with the Ong’s uncles from Australia and teach them how to eat durians with chopsticks! Trust me, they learned it fast 🙂 Besides not wanting to dirty my hand, I was actually concerned about the crystals on my nail… hehe… I definitely don’t wanna chew on crystals…

4. Oh I am so obsessed with nail arts! In fact, I have done 2 sets of nail designs 😀 in conjunction with the CNY celebration!

5. Reunion Dinner! We initially thought it will be just the 4 of us (top right 4), but it turned out to be a blast! And a big congrats to Willy Aw… you are now famous among our family 🙂

6. “Law Sang” with the family!! I was sitting besides my 77yo father-in-law, a man with great love and a big heart 🙂

7. And then it’s time for the fireworks! We were having so much fun with the kids… When they are around, joy is so simple… I believe there is a kid in everyone of us, who admires sparkly bright fireworks and cheers at them 🙂

8. And on the 1st day of CNY, I won best dressed during CNY thanksgiving service in church 🙂 Hoohoo~

9. Having fun picking rambutans from trees at the backyard with three old men… Pick and eat all you can! It was really sweet btw 🙂

10. Giving Ang Pow (red packet) for the first time! We have got alot of them printed in Angry Birds, Hello Kitty and Doreamon~ Kids love it!

11. Bike riding with my father-in-law to the evening market at sunset. Everyday when I step out of the house, I can see mountains and hills, and sometimes they get smoky after rains. I can smell the grass and see huge rainbows, it is all so beautiful to me. Although the Ipoh boy doesn’t really think so 😉

12. We had a special appointment with 4th auntie to have our “ang gu kuih” making lesson!! Haha…

13. Hanging out with a bunch of kids who called me “Kim Kim” 🙂

14. And my 3 day intensive rummy training course with my sister and brother-in-law 🙂 Keke…

15. Watched a children movie with old friends in my favourite purple dress 🙂 Wee~

Every day I slept until I feel like waking up and had nice white coffee every morning. My sister-in-law would ask me what do I want for breakfast; my brother-in-law so happily taught me how to win money on the rummy table; my father-in-law brought me everywhere for delicious food and pick bananas and rambutans for me; and my mother-in-law, never even ask me to wash a little cup… I looked into the mirror and told myself: You are not just lucky, you are truly blessed… I love all of you~

To me, it was a wonderful holiday packed with all sorts of fun, delicious food, love of family, togetherness, blessings and all that make up a Happy New Year 🙂

3 thoughts on “Old Town Vacation [CNY Edition]

  1. Enjoyed your New Year celebrations! Did I see Mahjong in your activities? Love that game! 🙂 Oh, and the ang gu kuih looks yummy . . . is that moon cake? Looks like it.


    1. Hi Sunshine! I am so happy to know that you read my CNY blog! Thank you! And I can’t believe that you play Mahjong!!?? Wishing you a great water dragon year ahead with heaps of good fortune!


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