My Future Son Called Today!

Today while I was happily having dinner with Kelvin in the shopping mall and 2 pairs of new shoes, suddenly my phone rang. It was a strange number and I answered after a slight hesitation (who’d be calling…). Then I heard a male’s voice.

“Hi Mum…”. It sounded like a teenage boy.



Then doooo… The line was cut off.

Very obvious, this could be somebody called the wrong number. But to me, a big fan of time travelling sci-fi, my imagination started running wild. It is my son from the future! I told Kelvin in excitement. He is attempting to call me from the future and perhaps trying to tell me something and the story begun.

Here, is an old photo from the re-opening of a bridge in 1941 where one of the people looks like they are dressed in a style  that post dates when the photograph was taken. The caption reads: Reopening of the South Fork Bridge after flood in Nov. 1940. Many had tried to find proofs to reason this photograph; however, as a huge fan of time travelling, I would love to embrace this little piece of evidence of people moving between different points in time.

Then I thought, what if I am given a chance to call my dad when he was a 27 yo young man newly married to his dream girl? What would I say to him?

I would of course thank him for what he has done for me. And I hope he could be less workaholic. Quit smoking. Probably I will also tell him that I really admire what he is capable of doing. And I love him…

And because it takes time to figure out what to say, the words that could come out of my mouth could be, “Hi dad…”

And I’ll try to figure out from the background sound and his voice tone to deduce that he was living a happy life and then hung up. Just like what my son did 🙂

So thought for the day, what would you say to your parents if you are given a chance to ring them in their twenties?

11 thoughts on “My Future Son Called Today!

  1. This is great 🙂 I think your ending was beautiful but in reality, i’d quiz mine all day long, because they spent their twenties in the era I love most. Thought provoking and sweet, thank-you for stopping by my blog too, and for your ‘likes’


  2. I’d say the same thing . . . “quit smoking and drinking dad. But I still love you but not when the car windows are up and I am gagging on the smoke you leave behind.” 🙂
    Great post Eryn!


  3. that is super duper imaginative and creative babe.. i will just laugh it off as a wrong number. 😛

    i guess i will tell my dad to keep fit! so that i will probably have a slimmer dad now. hahaa..


  4. Very imaginative post, that first photograph intrigued me. Not only the time traveller but one guy has his hat on backwards! I bought a hat like those just before Christmas, I like it; it keeps my head warm.

    If I could phone my parents when they were in their twenties. I would tell my father to give up smoking; he died from lung cancer. My mother died when I was only 14 and so that would be more difficult. It would be tempting to tell them to have less children! My mother had 8 children…


  5. I tripped out on mushrooms a few years ago and found myself in my parents house circa the 1970s when I would have been about 6 months old.. it was surreal, my dad was at the kitchen table reading the paper and listening to the radio, my mum was cooking… I could smell her food!!!

    I tried to yell out to get their attention – my dad died a few years earlier and I really missed him so I was keen to say hello.. I tried to yell out “DAD!” but all I did was managed to squawk out baby sounds like googa-gaga… he did end up saying to me “don’t worry you will get fed soon enough”..

    I thought I could walk over and give him a hug or try to write down a message but I couldn’t move.. I looked down and I could see short little stumpy arms and legs…

    The whole scene was unbelievable, it was a complete and true snapshot of may parents place during that time. I even saw a few ‘relics’ that I had completely forgotten about but later told my sister and she remember them too!


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