OMG I Am Traumatized!

I just learnt from a reliable source who overheard a pantry conversation that I have been called the “Lady Kok Kok” at my workplace! (Now you know how friendly my workplace is…) I guess it’s due to the clattering sound that my heels made when I walked around on the office tile floor.

The first reaction that I had was “SERIOUSLY?”. I mean, people get annoyed? Or they are just being mean to me? And then the second thought that came up was:

Who doesn’t like the sound of heels?

Ever since I was young I admire the clicking sounds of a pair of high heels on wooden or tile floor. And I must confess, I always imagine I was walking on a fashion runway while I walk through the office hall. It somehow makes me feel fancy and important. The clicking sound is like announcing the grand entrance of the honorable beautiful Miss Eryn Wong. Hahahaha…

And it makes me feel powerful too! You know, it’s simply electrifying! And when I heard about the sound of high heels clicking on the floor, I will always lift up my head and look for an extra second just to see the woman filling the heels. To me, that’s magical…

Ok well, I know I am just finding reasons to justify the annoying sound of my heels. But I seriously feel so beautiful about it. I know I can’t make everyone agrees with me, but as long as I can still walk gracefully in heels, I will continue to embrace this wonderful click-clack sound and continue to annoy the whoever that came up with that nickname 😛

5 thoughts on “OMG I Am Traumatized!

  1. I can see why coworkers would be annoyed if the workplace were super quiet. For example, I hate when proctors wear loud heels and walk around when we are trying to write an exam! However, in an environment with regular ambience or carpeted floors, heels are nice to be in and nice to see. I love being in high heels too! Especially since I’m short 😛


  2. Haha, I can feel the passion you have about heels from the way you write about it =P
    Wearing heels definitely makes you feel different, walk with a little more confidence. And yeah, as pearlessence said, it’s great if you’re petite (like me) 🙂


  3. This reminded me of when I was in hospital and a nurse clattered down the ward in the early hours of the morning. She was tolerated but everyone was tired next day! I like the photos!


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