Hi Pretty! You’ve Got A Beautiful Heart.

Philantropists are usually beautiful. Well, charming to be specific. They carry certain charismatic qualities in them while making this world a better place.

And it makes girls like us look so ordinary… and vain…

And now, what if you can contribute to a cause while improving your beauty?

Donate to Special Education programmes of kids suffering from Down syndrome and help in the training of teachers in special needs education, counselling of families of children with Down Syndrome, maintaining a comprehensive Resource Centre with information on Down Syndrome and Special Educational aid and creating public awareness of Down Syndrome!

 So that, they too can stand a fair chance of receiving education and grow in love…

Here’s how:

Purchase this RM88 Charity Voucher for IDO’s Cosmeceutical Collagen Facial Treatment (Originally RM350) and receive your deluxe facial session using their cutting edge technology. As a regular customer myself, I must say that I am pretty satisfied with all of the services that they provided. It is unconventional, advanced and tailored (you must try it!).


I am so happy with their collaboration with the Kiwanis Down Syndrome Foundation. With every purchase of RM88, IDO’s Cosmeceutical will donate RM20 from the RM88 you spent to Kiwanis Down Syndrome Foundation.


In the world that we live in, all of us are trying our own little ways to make this world a better place. No matter how big or small the changes we are making, we want to live our lives to its fullest, in abundance and a life well lived.

Have a great weekend everyone 🙂

*P.S. This is NOT an advertisement!

3 thoughts on “Hi Pretty! You’ve Got A Beautiful Heart.

  1. Good post, and we can all contribute to the world. I am a member of Medecins Sans Frontieres and I give a small sum of money to them every month, even the months I didn’t have a job. Also, me and my fiance support a “godchild” who lives in Paraguay. She’s 13 years old and we keep contact through letters. Feels good to help somebody who really needs it. 🙂


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