Hello Spring!

Oh I can smell the awesomeness as we are approaching April! Lots of things are going on lately which includes the communication conference, creative workshop, reformulation of product recipes and a few trade shows coming up! I am looking forward to all the good things to come as the sun warms up the equator!

I throw on my long waited floral dress which my mum bought me last summer and put on accessories to create a spring inspired look.

-Floral Head Piece

-Pink Dragonfly Earrings (Gift from my bestie Lindy)

-Handmade Melinda Looi’s inspired jewel belt

-A pair of 5-inch beige pump to glam up the look!

I try to keep the jewelry minimal as Kelvin is already having that questioning look on his face: Where are we going babe?

So here’s the realization of the day. Dress your best and use the good stuffs. You don’t have to save all the good things for special occasion that takes forever to come. Dressing up makes me feel happy and I believe that we don’t need to be famous to live out our own red carpet moment. Anyway, upon request, I still change a crystal headpiece instead of wearing the big flower piece 🙂 And when I sit comfortably in the car, Kelvin still looks at me with a puzzled look.

“Darling, I am setting out my best to impress you because you are soooo important to me 🙂 Do you like it?”

And now, we are heading for lunch and a little grocery shopping.

Have an awesome spring everyone!

5 thoughts on “Hello Spring!

  1. You are absolutely right, there is no need to wait for any special occasions ( that takes forever to come.) to dress up.Just dress your best everyday to make yourself feel good, haha..Clothings are like part of your skin..the wonderful thing is …you can keep changing them…how nice !


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