Kelvin And Eryn Take Mum Out For Dinner

What do I wear after work?

Step1: Let down my hair.

Step2: Add on black eyeliner and some loose powder to touch up.

Step3: Throw on a lace dress.

From work suit to this look can be easily done in 10 minutes.

I love everything that’s romantic, classic, and sophisticated. And a lace dress is so chic and it makes you look classy and sultry at the same time 🙂

So, tonight Kelvin decides to take mum out for a dinner date!

And we all tag along to TGIF restaurant in JB town 😀

It was good to spend some quality time together with good food and hilarious jokes.

Mum's jokes are soooo funny!

Everyone ordered the most appealing dishes on the menu.

Da Yi is waiting for her fish&chips~

Eryn has got her pineapple summer fling~

Tonight, thanks to Kelvin, I realize that just spending a little time together with family helps us connecting to each other. And through good conversation, it brings me true happiness. So I would like to encourage you take the time to connect with those you love. Tell jokes, crack each other up, do something fun and spontaneous and Have a Blast! XOXO

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