Eryn Was About To Pass Out!

I nearly fainted in the office last Thursday. Never in my life I’ve felt so sick and the nausea was so intense that I thought I am going to pass out anytime. I kept sweating and my hands and feet felt so chilly and I was shivering all over.

“Where’s the painkiller?” I thought to myself.

“Am I still be able to drive myself to the nearest clinic?”

“Shall I rest on my desk and see if it gets better?”

A lot of things going on my mind.

“What have I had for breakfast this morning? Could it be the coffee that makes me feel so sick now?”

Oh gosh! Think Eryn think! What should you do now…? Call mum!

I called my mum and asked her to bring me to doctor from my office. She got so worried and said she will be here in 15 minutes.

Then all of a sudden, I thought of a link that my caregroup sister Vivian shared on my facebook wall, 千年後仍是百分之百-基督徒眼中的疾病. And thanks to the post, I somehow manage to hold myself and stop thinking what happened and what to do next.

I was being taken to a resting chair and I rest while waiting for my mum to come. I had this terrible cramp in my lower stomach and it was simply unbearable. I know it may sound exaggerating, but I seriously thought I am going to die. I start to pray. I pray to God for healing, I pray that He woud take away the pain. And I can feel the pain getting more intense and worst.

“In time of crisis, are we still be able to give thanks to God?”. A question that William asked during a cell group meeting popped up in my mind.

During the meeting, I said I don’t know. But now, I know, yes, I can. Then I start giving thanks to God, my heavenly father who has provided me with everything that I have in this world, in this life. I truly feel blessed. And after 10 minutes, to my great amazement, the nausea started to go away, and after 15 minutes, the cramp was gone. This was one of the experiences that makes me believe, God is good to me.

Many times in our lives, when we were being put in a difficult situation, we try to find solutions based on our own judgements and understandings. We always thought we can solve it on our own. When we are sick, we go to the doctors and believe it will make us feel better, recover and be healthier. And after we had our medicine, we think of God and pray.

In time of crisis, we often forget about faith and trust in God comes first. And later that day when I lie on bed and rest, I reasoned, it might be the lesson He wants to teach me. To have stronger faith and trust on Him in everything, rather than my own judgements and undertsandings.

Phillipian 4:13  I can do all this through him who gives me strength.

Through this incident, I seek God more often and I believe the power we receive in union with Christ is sufficient to do His will and to face challenges that arise. As we contend for the faith, we will face troubles, pressures and trials. And as they come, ask Christ to strengthen us.

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