Taylor Swift Inspired Vintage Look

Kelvin is coming back tonight!! I must confess that I have this relationship separation anxiety whenever he is going away even for a few days… (I know, highly unnecessary right?). Probably it’s because I am so used to him being around. I realized I nearly forgot to charge my phone and how to make coffee in the morning 🙂

And tonight we will be attending Chloe & Andy’s wedding reception dinner. So I rushed home after work and dress up while waiting to welcome him back 🙂

Today I am attempting Taylor Swift inspired vintage look!

Her vintage hairstyle look so fabulous. It is easy to get the classy retro look with the simple soft curls and nothing really elaborate about it. I used 4 bobby pins and 2 rubber bands to create this look. Sorry I was too eager to finish it up and wait for Kelvin at the doorway, so I didn’t take any pictures of “the makings”. Here’s the close up.

To jazz up the look, I spent some time to put on the fake lashes and carefully draw mini smokey eyes 🙂 And here I used my recent favourite lip colour to glam it up!

And how could it be vintage elegant without a lacey dress? I put on this graceful Kebaya dress. I somehow feel that it is abit over the top. But I LOVE this dress so much~ While I am writing wedding message for Chloe & Andy, I heard car approaching! YooHoo! Kelvin is FINALLY back!

I stand at the doorway and say a prayer to thank God for bringing Kelvin back home safely. We then head to the wedding banquet and get to know some happy face people who sit with us.

It was a lovely night with touching moments, beautiful bride and funny jokes. I laughed so much until it really hurts! With Kelvin around, I am like a little girl again 🙂 Hui-Z was singing “Fly Me To The Moon” on stage, I sat beside him and squeezed his hand softly and smile.

Darling, I am so looking forward to all the adventures together with you!

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