Your Weekend Make Up

Hello everyone! Are you bored of the same of make up routine everyday? Today, I am going to try on the popular Japanese Big Eye make up 🙂 And it will definitely give a surprise attack to your date 🙂
Using a concealer, try to cover all your blemishes and dark circles. Dab softly with your fingers, so that it blends in well.
Apply and even coat of foundation on your face.

Define your brows with a shade that is two tones lighter than your hair. Here I use a really light brown.

Highlight your brow bone as indicated.

I choose blue eye shadow pallet cos’ it matches my clothes. You can use any colours of your liking.

Use the lighter blue to cover the whole upper eye lids.

Use a darker shade of blue, draw a thinner line just on top of your lids.

Now, here comes the exciting part!! EYELINER~

Draw an extended thick line above your lids. This time, I draw longer and thicker eye line than I normally do.

Use a pencil liner to line your lower eye line. Remember to stop right in the middle of your eye ball. It will make your eyes look bigger 🙂

Highlight your the tip of your eyes, so that your eyes pop!

Use a brush, gently brush away all excess eye shadow powder on your cheeks.

Now, the FAKE lashes!! I was never a big fan, cos’ it often scream to guys as “high maintainance”! But it is such a great invention!

My new gadget to aid the “installation”. The trick is, you have to look down in the mirror and glue it from the top.

Look, the funny “big” “small” eyes! Now, use your 2 fingers to block the right eye, then block the left eye to see the effect 🙂


Impressed by the magic lashes…

Choose your favourite radiant pink brush.

Blush your cheeks~

For a gentle glow, set your make up with glittered powder!

Now the lips! I used to apply lip balm as a base coat.

And apply your favourite pinky lip colour to create a soft sweet look.

And lastly, the lip gloss! I notice that if you apply lip gloss over a lip colour, it stays for the longest time.

And finido~ Eryn’s Japanese Big Eye look 🙂 You might find this make up a bit “troublesome” and it might take some time to master it. But let’s agree it changes the shape of your eyes dramatically! Response from my date?

I’ll keep you posted 😉

Good luck everyone! Have a great beautiful weekend!

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