How to Write On The Go?

It is harder than I imagine… Mostly because

– I have no time to sit down and write at all!

– Internet connection is limited!

So I have to grab every opportunity! To make notes of things I want to write about!

And I’m always on the go! Yupe, the Amazing Race kinda schedule…

And I have work to do as well!

Yes, you are right! Shopping is part of my job 🙂

While other passenger happily sleeping or watching the latest movies, I stay up and scribble!

Snooze when I am tired…

Chill a little whenever I can… (Inspiration please come!!)

Write when I see amazing things.

And keep writing even at the boarding gate.

So the next time you see any suspicious girl taking pictures and scribbling in notes or smartphones, smile to them!

Cos’ blogging is a tough job and bloggers are awesome! @.@

Till my next destination, XOXOXO

2 thoughts on “How to Write On The Go?

  1. Yeah! Hi-five to bloggers who blog because of passion and nothing else!
    Not because of wanting to be famous, not because of wanting for sponsors but simply because we enjoy sharing through words and that is why we write.
    Passion- is the ultimate reason of a blogger behind a blog to continue blogging. ^_^


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