Aging? NO!!

Aging and decrease in metabolism rate is the things that really really stressed me out! This trip to Melbourne brings me to the reality that I am now in an age group that I always perceive as mature adults. Friends are getting pregnant and some are bringing babies to the gathering. Oh gosh! How old am I now?

The little voice in me is screaming: BUT I DUN WANNA GROW UP!!

It’s not like I dun wanna be responsible or having any kids. I just wan’t it to happen so quickly! I mean, there are so many things I wanna do before “turning an adult”!

I guess the wrinkles that appear when we laugh too hard and the dry skin and babies’ cry are just too overwhelming to me at the moment! Although they say wisdom grows with age…

As I pack my bag for the next destination, I thought to myself: WTH Eryn! Don’t lose your courage! Let’s dance and rock and be a little girl as long as you could!

Till then, XOXO

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