Automatic Door

Life is like a dream, you never know what lies ahead until you are there…

The story goes like this. An African man is going to leave his hometown for the first time to a foreign land for God’s work.

Before he left, the whole family and relatives come together and pray for him. May God bless him along the way and open doors of opportunity for him wherever he goes. He sets his sail and reach this foreign land with his many luggages. After passing through the immigration and collected his baggage, he now stand in front of a silver door. It’s closed. Still. With no door knob. He stands for the longest time and wonder why God sends him here with a closed door. He then put down all his stuffs and walks nearer to the door. And miracle happens! He thought of all the prayers where God will open doors for him everywhere he goes! He never imagine that it will be in such physical way… Delighted, he quickly runs to take his luggages and when he got everything he turns back and realized that the silver door is closed and still as it was! And he drops his things and walks closer, the door opens magically again! He feels really confused. If God appoints him to be here, why not with all his luggages? Once again, he picks up all his stuffs and says a prayer, he has faith in God and knows he will open that silver door for him. He takes the step out and when he reaches the door, Voila! The door opens for him!

This is a real story I heard from an African pastor when I was in Melbourne. And it resonates on my mind for the longest time.

God will always open doors for us but very often it may occur to be closed. Like an automatic door.

But as you take the first step out, God will certainly open it for you.

Many times we see closed doors and we thought there’s no way out. If you stand still at where you are, the door will be forever closed; but if you have faith and courage to step out, it will definitely open for you.

Hope you’ll see that automatic door in your life today and walk the step of faith through it!

God will lead us to the place He wants you to be!

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