A Life Time Ago {British Museum}

Museum is always on my top of the list to visit. You may say I am a boring nerdy kinda girl, but I am so naturally being drawn to all these ancient charm. My ambition was to be a curator when I was 10. I can spend hours and hours in museum. Alone. Thinking. Imagine life, thousands of years ago…

And to my great amazement, the admission to this huge museum full of histories is completely FREE!! So next time when you are in London, and if you are a nerdy girl like me, and if you have on budget and wanted to look at some valuable artifacts, THIS is the place for you 🙂

The problem with the British Museum is, its just too vast for a single visit. Perhaps two hours a day, every morning for a week – that might start to give you a feeling of satisfaction. Otherwise, do as I did, get a map and just pick a few things to go and look at it. Don’t get disheartened by there being an enormous gallery you weren’t aware of through every doorway. I sorta regretted wearing heels though…

There are whole, advanced civilisations who lived and died thousands of years ago.

And when I looked at all this beautiful creations from the ancient past, a question struck my mind:

What would be on display to depict this era in the museum window thousands of year later?

There will probably be Ipads, Iphone, Ipods and their covers in various designs. And people from future must be puzzled. What’s in our lives? What books do we read? How do we look like? All stories of our lives are in digital forms nowadays. We read e-books and write blogs, interact via facebook, store all pictures in our hard disk and make music using software etc. When I was sipping coffee at the cafe in British museum, I became really worried.

I mean, all great creations of this era might not be seen or heard at all, thousand years later!! All the good pictures, good movies, good songs and great literatures…

That’s DISASTROUS isn’t it?

The stories about time is my most favourite exhibit in the museum. Since men discovered ways to measure time, they put time in the most delicate way with a lot more efforts and thoughts than they normally do with other things.

It seems like a luxury when we can carry own watch and can be completely dependable on it.

The irony of the British Museum is, there’s not much about Britain in it. It’s not about Britain, directly. What it is, is unparalleled collections from seemingly almost every culture and country that has ever existed – mediated, as it were, through British money, power and acquisitive imperialism. www.ayearinmuseums.com


It was a wonderful experience to walk between ancient civilization, ideas and time. You really have to go there. I insist 🙂

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