Law of Attraction Does Exist!!!

Let’s dream a pink sparkling dream~

Everything that’s coming into your life you are attracting into your life. And it’s attracted to you by virtue of the images you are holding in your mind. It’s what you’re thinking. Whatever is going on in your mind you are attracting to you. ~The Secret

When I saw this dress for the first time, it was on a mannequin in Topshop with a tag said: NEW ARRIVAL. It is the kind of dress that makes my heart skips a beat. I was instantly in love with the dress… I told myself I am going to get that no matter what!

So I quickly looked for my size and rushed into the fitting room. And when I was changing, I saw a little price tag that says RM439!! 😦 Considering I had just made a big purchase recently, I really do not wish to spend that much on a dress (that I don’t know where to wear to…). So I told Kelvin, I’ll come and buy it when it’s on sales. Then every week I would walk by that shop and see if it’s on sales. And everytime when I was in the shop, I’ll try on the dress and keep telling myself I’m gonna get it someday, when it’s on sales.

2 months went by… it no longer carried the New Arrival tag. I was so worried that it might be bought by some other determined, like-minded girl… But I am surprised the exact 5 pieces of 3 different sizes were still there after 2 months. Kelvin was suggesting to buy it or it might be sold out when we come back from our one month tour. I was really worried but then I told Kelvin… maybe no other girl in JB would like this kind of sequin dress… I should just wait.

And when we got back from the trip after one month, I visited the shop again. Much to my delight, it’s still there!!! However, it’s still in its full price… I must wait… I told myself. And so I waited for another 2 weeks… no price down… Probably it will never be on sales, Kelvin said. I told him, I know it’ll definitely be on sales! I told him in such strong firm tone, I just know…

And then one fine day after 3 weeks, when we walked pass the store again, I saw this big bright pink poster:

OMG! OMG! It’s there! I can see my desired lovely dress right at the front of the ON SALES rack!!!! I am so HAPPY and EXCITED! Now, please tell me my size is still available!! I ran into the store like a maniac and knocked the girl who’s looking at that dress. She was with her mum shopping for a dress for her birthday party… I remembered Kelvin was behind me, he raised his voice and pretended saying to me: “Oh this dress is ridiculous, you’ll look like a dumb FISH if you wear it!” (I have no idea how he relate that?) The girl looked at her mum and sorta agreed on Kelvin’s statement and walked away!

HAHAHA… THE DRESS IS MINE!!! (Nyek…Nyek…Nyek…) I quickly snatched took the dress with me to the dressing room and fit for one last time!

“Wow, it looks great on you.” The sales girl said to me when I stood in front of the mirror, smiling so happily 🙂 I know, I told her (Hahaha…this is the “n”th time I wear this dress) Kelvin said to her, “We’ll take this and I’d like to pay now”. I gave him an intoxicated smile while the lovely sales girl cut the price tag from the dress when I am still admiring the details of the dress in front of the mirror 🙂 (It’s on 50% discount and additional 10% when Kelvin pay using his Citibank card)

I’m thrilled~

Here is how it looks like on Carly Rae Jepsen 🙂

The dress is now MINE 🙂 Mine Mine Mine!!!

“Every thought of yours is a real thing – a force” ~ Prentice Mulford

I know, I know, it’s just a dress and I have no idea where I want to wear it to. But this time, the LAW OF ATTRACTION works so perfectly on me 🙂 I hope this little story of mine inspires you, to be persistent in believing your dream and make it comes true.

Whatever you do, I wish you a great weekend. Cheers!!

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