Shall We Dance?

If you have been wondering where is my wedding video…

We have been really disappointed when our wedding videographer told us that they didn’t record our wedding first dance. I remembered I almost burst into tears… and wondered why they could have missed that. And we are too shy to ask around and see if any of our guests actually recorded in their phones 😦

Here’s what I wrote about our last practise, 1 day before the wedding…

Shall We Dance?

Today is our last session of dance practise for the wedding first dance. Consider Kelvin n me are totally hopeless in dancing, we are completely screwed up! We just can’t stop laughing at each others clumsy moves and giggles all the way through the music while “dancing”.

To be honest, it had been a stressful week for both of us, and this afternoon, we laughed it all away…and rejoice in the initial thoughts of having a first dance as husband n wife.

Marriage is just like a dance, it requires synchronization from both partners to achieve balance n graceful unision. Although it might not be a perfect dance, but we definitely learnt a lot more about each other through the process… Afterall, LOVE is the principal.

See you all real soon! XOXOX

It had been a great pain to me since we have spent so much time on it and it was not filmed 😦 Until one day, our MC of the night, Hui-Z talked to us regarding our wedding, we disclosed to her that our wedding video was spoilt…

And last weekend, she gave us a surprise by giving us a CD with a pretty cover 🙂 She said it’s a gift!! She uses the footages from her own video crew (which is meant to feature their performance) and edited our first dance for us. We were thrilled, Yoo Hoo~


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