The Afterlife Of Your Wedding Dress?

The wedding was long over, and the brides are suddenly burdened by another dilemma: What to do with the dress? I have been frequently asked, “What do you do with your wedding dress after the wedding?”. 

I sent it to clean, keep it nicely in my wardrobe and wear it sometimes (yes I do…keke). This is what I wrote 5 months before my wedding on my wedding dress.

Oh Dress!

Wedding dresses are every girls’ dream to become woman.

And little did I think of being lucky enough to have a gown custom crafted to my exact measurements and likings. I used to think “a gown is just a gown” until I take a step into the world of tailoring my own wedding dress. The first meeting with the designer was really fascinating. He drafted out the designs I wanted and let me try on a few similar pieces he had in his boutique. Showering me with all those lovely name of fabric, tafetta, chiffon, satin, silk, organza… and discussing details using pearls, crystals of various sizes and colours, lace and more lace…Thanks to the very accomodating custom dressmaker, I totally melted in the sweetness of working on my own wedding dress.

Using mostly chiffon and taffetta, my dress will be trimmed in layers of fine French lace and embellished subtly with crystals. Still in a euphoric state, I am already anticipating for the first fitting session in May.

Here’s the finished dress 🙂

It has magical love power in it!

I remembered on one particle occasion, I had a conflict with Kelvin. I walked in my dressing room and stood in front of the long dresses segment and looked at the garment bag of my wedding dress on the hanging rack. I carefully took it out and admired at the details of the dress.  It reminds me of the abundance of love and blessings that I had enjoyed on my wedding day. I remembered our vows and promises to love each other, the holy matrimony and all of that touched the spirit inside me.

Love is the principal. I smiled and wiped my tears, realizing happiness is more important than pride. We had a good talk and our relationship gets better!

Since then, I’ll visit the dress every now and then. And no matter how many times I look at it, I still find it so magically beautiful and inspiring. My wedding dress, has become a secret charm to safekeeping my marriage. And great for fun photo time too! Keke…

Some sell it, some donate it, some trash it, some keep it for their daughters; knowing that you will not wear that again, what would you do?

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7 thoughts on “The Afterlife Of Your Wedding Dress?

  1. I’m getting married next spring, and everyone has asked me what I am going to do with mine. A friend of mine got married last summer and got hers washed and sealed in a small bag and put it in a box decorated and such. I thought that was awesome. My daughter I could ONLY hope would enjoy my dress as much as I will to reuse it on her special day. But til then ill probably have mine bagged and saved til then.


    1. Thanks for commenting! Hope you are enjoying your wedding preparation and have fun 🙂 One of my friend sold it and bought a Cartier bangle, which she intends to give to her daughter instead of a dress.


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