Get Started With Bloglovin’ !!

If you are like me who just started to develop a habit to read blog and constantly forgot your favourite blog’s URL or having problem catching up, no problem! Now you can start follow all your favourite blogs at once! By using BlogLovin’.

Just sign up an account (which only takes seconds)and key in all the blogs you’d love to follow and voila! It will automatically inform you whenever your favourite blog has new update.

Sounds good? Indeed it is! It saves me from bookmarking blog one by one and have to check updates from time to time and sometime I forgot the URL and need to google it and stuffs… Now what I need to do is log on to Bloglovin’ and everything I wanna read is right there!

Sign up now and start following millionmars via Bloglovin today! 🙂

Fellow bloggers, wonder how to add your bloglovin to your blog —> Here’s a complete guide.

Blogger can create and insert bloglovin icon in their blog too to make it easier for readers to follow via bloglovin. Here, I’ll be using a pre-created icon that looks like this:

Hope you find this post useful, and happy blogging/reading!


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