How To DIY Your Own Wedding In 2 Days?

Lately I have been involved in assisting my brother’s ROM ceremony planning. And it reminds me a lot of my own solemnization ceremony in Melbourne. I can’t believe that the wedding was 2 years ago! Wow… So, today I decided to share a little about my DIY wedding with bride-to-be out there who is going to DIY her own wedding 🙂

Cold Feet

I didn’t share much about this, but I did have pre-wedding anxiety. I almost fake a tummy ache in attempt to miss the flight to Melbourne. I called up my close friend in the middle of the night and asked him if marrying Kelvin is a right choice? What about getting married at this age? What about postponing the wedding? What about….? We’ll still be happy together without the wedding right? What about find a place and hide? Blah Blah Blah…

Robert Butterworth, PhD, a Los Angeles trauma psychologist reports, “It is not uncommon for brides to experience anxiety, fear, stress, and even panic as the day draws near.” At times, this stress can be so overwhelming that the bride feels trapped and decides to literally “run away.”

My friend Sean spent a long time talking to me, understand my fear and assure me it is very very common to have wedding cold feet (Thanks Sean!). In the end, I managed to get myself on that plane and got married. Kekeke… Therefore, if you are like me, having pre-wedding anxiety, my advise is, talk to a friend, a trust worthy close friend and share your fear or stress. It works, at least on me 🙂

Plan On Plane

Okay, now, back to the plan. I have got 7 days to attend an intensive pre-marriage counseling, a wedding solemnisation ceremony, pack my fiancé’s stuffs and ship the whole house back!!

Planning is essential. Try to write anything you could think of, even when you think that it’s silly or unimportant. Just write it down. It will help you to solidify your plan. I have a habit to write everything down in a small notebook that I carry around with me. So here’s the questions I scribbled on my notes:

1. Can we go set up the night before?

2. How many chairs/ table provided?

3. Sound system?

4. How much fabric do I need?

5. Caterer: Menu? Book for _______ ppl?

6. How do we put things up without damaging the ceiling?

7. Where can we buy the deco material?

8. Anything we can borrow?

And now, how do I transform this “tutorial room” into my wedding venue?

With the pictures and floor plan that Kelvin emailed me, I roughly drafted out the outline and estimate the measurement. And planned on what kind of material I should use to “cover up” the wall…

It was 9:00p.m. the night before, we were permitted to go in for 2 hours to do the deco.

Things To Bring:

– Fabric, Scissors, Ladder, Keys, Safety pins, Paperclips, Table cloth, Masking tape, Stapler, Flowers…

We were so fortunate to have Olivia, Karen and Tommy to help on the decoration 🙂 I really can’t thank all of you enough! Here, the making:

Karen was kind enough to borrow us flowers from her wedding 🙂 If you are wondering why there were shopping carts in the room—> there’s a shopping mall beside the venue and we just so conveniently used it when we unloaded the stuffs in car park 🙂 We did return the carts to it’s designated station…

She brought along her husband Tommy to help!

The girls would cut the fabric while the guys would put them up according to the plan.

Now I can’t really remember we used safety pins to pin the fabric together or we actually stapled them…

This was how we did the “cover up”~ Look at those lockers…

These were the 2 cheapest fabric we got from the shop. It’s normally used for lining and cost AUD1.80/meter.

You can see from the picture, Kelvin wasn’t working very hard… comparing to Tommy. Gotcha!

At first I was a bit worried cos’ I have no idea how we can stick the fabric up without damaging the ceiling. And Kelvin had come up with a great idea to actually slipped the fabric in between the ceiling and its frame!! Ta Da~

And now the table for the paper signing…

I didn’t got to do the pattern I wanted to (refer to the draft), cos’ the fabric doesn’t form nice ruffles as I thought it would. Alternatively, we used Karen’s flowers to “pin” it to the table!

Looking good right?

Here’s Karen with the table for the refreshment! Instead of the ruffles pattern, we did it the no pattern “classic” way!

Well done Eryn! Nice estimation on the material and not much left!

And these flowers were just nice for the guest book area… And look, this will be the last time you see that finger without a wedding band!

Finido~ Let’s take some silly pictures!

It was great memory to spend a night like this with special friends for a special occasion. This is definitely a  good snapshot to stop a moment from running away. Thank you guys~

I think I was pretty nervous for this would be the very table I sign myself off to Kelvin 😛 I remember myself thinking: What if it starts falling apart in the midst of the ceremony??? (Kekeke…)
Good luck Kelvin. Let’s look forward to the solemnization ceremony tomorrow!

Oh ya, this was our DIY, paperless environmental friendly invitation on Facebook!

In conclusion, DIY can be stress-free and we have had so much fun. Do not pressure yourself over details or if things do not work out as expected. The essence of DIY is personalize, creative and fun! And it is cost saving of-course. Hopefully you enjoy my transformation story and good luck with your wedding preparation.

On my next story, wedding vows: Fly with me or sink with me.

Stay tuned~

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