Jacky Wu(吳宗憲) Was In Town @LIVE

Last Saturday I decided to do something different for our date night. Therefore, when my friend Cedric Lee invited me to be part of the grand opening party at LIVE, I thought maybe I could bring Kelvin there!
LIVE is a new pub & bistro located at Sutera. Click here to find out more…
As you know Kelvin and I are not really party animals, but WOW~ It turned out to be a blast!
We reached LIVE at about 9:45p.m. and it was already so crowded~ It had been gazillion years since Kelvin and I went to a party like this… Gosh, I felt so old!
I tried so hard to call my friend but I supposed his phone was out of coverage… So we just stood there and tried to see if he’s anywhere in sight. And to our surprise, we saw friends and decided to go over and say hello! And this “hello” get us a seat at the table which (from what I heard) costs RM3,500!!

Oh My!
Then we realized, JB is such a small town… We then met quite a few friends, from guitarists, drummer, designers, to my dad’s friends… Eherm… And suddenly I feel so “well-connected”… Kekeke…
The highlight of the party was the special appearance of famous TV host Jacky Wu(吳宗憲), all the way from TAIWAN!
When he appeared at about 11:30p.m., it created such a chaotic scene!
Just look at the crowd, it’s even more happening than a rock party!!
It’s magical when you can see someone so famous at such a short distance and believe me, he is really funny!
And when he gave compliment about how pretty JB girls are, I take it personally… Kekeke…
The LIVE also invited DJ Yukie from Thailand to spin the disc for the night!
She’s awesome!!
Partying with new friends makes us so young again… Keke…
If you have missed this opportunity to party, don’t worry! The trio (吴宗宪,小钟,卓文宣) will be here in JB for the New Year Eve Party!!!
And the best thing is,


YooHoo~! Stay tune for more updates~
Lastly, some silly pictures for you 🙂
Wishing all of you an exciting new week and a good start in October!!

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