Eryn Lately…

Life has always been busy ever since we entered 2012… Before I unpack a luggage, there’s another to pack. Now, I started to feel so blessed that I am never short of clothes to wear, and (thanks to Kelvin) my ever-increasing jewellery collection. Now I have 2 cases of cosmetics and 2 cases of jewellery to switch and bring along to my next voyage. Although travelling is fun and I truly appreciate every chance to go out and explore the world, but my body takes a long time to adapt and recover…

This week, I realized that this year (so far) has been a wonderful year for me.

I look at the list of things that I want to accomplish this year and I’ve unknowingly completed most of them 🙂 It feels like time has passed so quickly! To me, goals should get you excited and energized! It still takes hard work to complete them, but that’s the beauty of a goal. It can be anything your heart desires. Not something you think you should do. And the process is really fun…

At this age of mine, I sort of see everything clearer, I now see the world from a whole new broader perspective. I am more at ease and feel more comfortable about myself and things around.

I started to believe we are never too old to set a new goal, or dream a new dream… To celebrate where we are while we are moving toward where we would like to go.

If I can, I would like to freeze this fraction of life, and savour it. As all the good times and fond memories are those will sustain us, when, inevitably, life is not so kind.

Thank you so much for reading and wishing all of you a fabulous day with your fabulous self!


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