The Other Side Of The Bed

I have a little habit of snoozing before waking up in the morning… I normally snooze for an extra 9 minutes (after another and a few more…) before getting myself off the bed. And on this particular morning, when Kelvin was trying to tickle me to wake me up, I turned from the right side (my side) of the bed to the left side (Kelvin’s side) of the bed. And while I was hiding my feet under the warm blanket, I noticed something different on the other side of the bed…

1. I see a small key hanging near the bed. This is the key for the emergency fire escape. Kelvin keeps it close to him cos’ he knows he will always be the first one to wake up if anything happened…

2. On the floor next to the bed (on left side) is a power socket with 4 outlets. Then I saw my phone charging next to his phone. He charges my phone for me everyday and so when he is not around, I forget to charge my phone and wonder why the battery goes flat so fast…

3. A bottle of water next to the bed side table. This is what he prepares for me every night, in case I am thirsty he said…

4. A box of tissue beside the water bottle… He is my tissue paper supplier, for life…

5. A computer screen… From the left side of the bed, I can see clearly a monitor screen showing all the CCTVs around our house (which is not visible from my side…). I started to imagine, every night when I am soundly asleep, he will make sure that everything is alright before goes to sleep himself…

I then turned to see my side of the bed, on the bed side table: 3 books, rubber bands, hair pins, spectacles and a bottle of hand lotion… Well…

They say “A woman is a flower in a garden; her husband is the fence around it”, I certainly feel very much being taken care of after we got married for slightly more than a year now.

On the way to fetch my brother from the airport, I asked Kelvin (who was driving):

How do you feel after being married for a year?

Now I know I have a wife who is waiting for me at home.

And every time when I am away, I eagerly look forward to come home…

So, question for today:

What’s the story of your other side of the bed?


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4 thoughts on “The Other Side Of The Bed

  1. Kelvin is such a sweet caring loving hubby~
    It’s not easy to find someone that shares the same life value, and fall in love for one and another~ so happy that you found yours and is living happily~ ^_^
    And now it’s even sweeter with the company of Isabelle~ stay sweet, loving and happy always babe! ^_^


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