Tea Time Anyone?

Once upon a time, ladies of upper class would invite their friends over to their houses to have a cup of tea. During which, they’ll serve some cakes and scones and chit chat about what’s going on in lives.

Tea Time Tales by Charles Soulacroix

Nowadays, tea time is not common anymore as we (ladies) have a lot of work to do~

Who has time?

And in between meals, not only we’ve lost some quality time to interact (gossip) with friends, we also feel hungry…

And here’s the solution!

Imagine a box full of delicious snacks deliver right to your doorway (or office)~

Here’s my TEA TIME BOX from BIKA~

What goes good with a steaming cup of coffee and tea?

I found some wonderful chocolate wafer rolls filled with smooth creamy milk cream, great white chocolate wafer biscuits, and…

My favourite Easy Bar Seaweed Corn Sticks~!!

Imagine a delicious baked snacks, with no trans fats and no artificial colour in moderate portion~

Each stick contains less than 100 cal, perfect for a tea snacks before dinner~
And you don’t have to dirty your finger!~~~

Wanna know how to get it?

Log on to


And there are so many different packages you can choose from:

Evening is the time everyone look out for something to munch upon. And this box from BIKA is definitely great for the purpose~

Every purchase comes with a beautiful boxes as shown above and it’s FREE delivery within Malaysia~!

So get yours today and order online now! 🙂

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