The Precious Gift Of Time

Time is a precious gift.

As we travel through our live journeys, time has given us wisdom, confidence, a heart that treasures love, we learnt to be able to acknowledge and appreciate little things, and patience… the willingness to wait for something to happen 🙂

Looking into the mirror, although I can see fine wrinkles started to arise, I am still grateful that although beauty fades away with time, but there are too many gifts time has given us…

In the midst of our living, time continues on its endless journey – time is a gift, though we rarely stop and acknowledge it as such. With every day time is equally allotted to everyone – 24 hours, and what we do with that time is totally up to us.

And the funny part is, it all takes time to realize it 🙂

On Mars’ Time
A Life Time Ago {British Museum}
Moments of Life

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