We’re Expecting!

If you are wondering, why I have not been blogging since 3rd November, that’s because I’ve not been feeling the best for the past month. I have missed so much of life, and I have missed blogging a lot.

So, Hi! Here I am today updating what’s been happening all this while!
Hello lil one~

YES! I’m pregnant!

Kelvin and I had been praying so hard for a baby since earlier this year. To be honest, I thought becoming pregnant is an easy job: You just don’t prevent it! But in fact it’s not… I had endomitriosis and did a laproscopy 2 years ago. Doctor did say that it might affect the chances of getting pregnant. Kelvin needed to send me all the way to Singapore Gleneagle Hospital every Wednesday after work to check up and monitor my cycle and the growth of egg. I need to take hormonal pills and did ovulation test every month… Kelvin too, needed to go through several tests and examination to make sure that we are able to reproduce…

Kelvin in his funky suit...

And for almost a year… We had tried so many ways which includes traditional chinese herbal medicine, supplements to increase vitality, exercise, pray and request people whom we know to pray for us. We bought those pregnancy test kits in dozen and until September, when the pregnancy test still showed negative… We were beyond disappointed… I told Kelvin in tears, maybe we can never have kids…

It is especially devastating when through conversation, we both notice that most people think that we are so content and happy with our DINK (Double Income No Kids) lifestyle. And no one believes that we were actually desperate to start a family.

Then one fine morning in October, when I am getting ready to attend the Industry Excellence Award dinner, I suddenly felt so sick and dizzy…I checked the calender and realized that my period was due. I quickly took out one test kit and see if I am pregnant. To my great amazement, 1 and a half line appeared in the result window!!

(One line is NOT pregnant; 2 lines means PREGNANT)

And I see 1 control line and 1 very faint pink line… I was so panicked I called Kelvin in and see… Then we both deduced that maybe we’ve bought the “cheapo” test kit that cost RM10 per stick… And it might be a false alarm… So we went to KL for the function…

Eryn Suria

I still didn’t realize this might be the last time I can squeeze into this dress…

And when we came back 2 days later, I tried it once again! And still, it’s 1 and a half line… Cheapo test kits are so untrustworthy… Should have bought the expensive one… And for the next few days, nauseas and dizziness kicked in…

Kelvin was a bit worried and he took me to a gynea to do a proper check up. I remembered when I was lying on the bed staring the ultrasound screen. When the doctor pin point a pea size object and said to us “Congratulations!” I almost burst into tears… (Moral of the story is, even if it’s a very faint line, it’s still a line!) After the sudden surge of excitement and happiness, it comes the ‘fear’… Now I have a little life in me, I cannot lift heavy stuffs, cannot jump, cannot fall, cannot eat icy things, they say 20% of pregnancy ended with miscarriage, and I have a history of endomitriosis, what if the baby doesn’t attach properly… The fear of losing it occupied my mind. I can’t even sleep properly at night, I was so scared that I might stretch my tummy muscle and hurt the little one. I kept all my nail polish colours, I dun do make up at all, I even ask Kelvin to spray his hair far far away… I become so worried that I didn’t even dare to walk close with anyone and hug anybody, in a fear that they might knock me and hurt my baby… Just to let you know, I bought FLATS and officially say bye bye to all my heels


The situation become worst when Kelvin needed to go on a business trip to Korea for 1 week followed by another 7 days to Melbourne… I was depressed… One night I woke up in 2am and heard a voice: “Do not fear”.

I jumped off the bed and found this verse in the bible.

Do Not Fear

It is so comforting. Yes, I’ve forgot. The Lord will always help and uphold me with His righteous right hand. My world lights up in an instance! I quickly write it down on a paper and stick onto the mirror of my dressing table. I am filled with joy and don’t feel lonely and fearful anymore 🙂

Little ChefKelvin as well, changed as we counting down to the end of first trimester. He changed his travelling plan and keep me company most of the time. He wakes up earlier and prepare breakfast for me. He bought a cabinet full of healthy snacks I can eat and pack me a little box of wheat biscuit for me to bring to work… He also downloaded a lot of children stories and start reading it to my tummy every night before we sleep… Sometimes I wonder, how amazing it is to have a husband who is ready and mentally prepared to have a child…

Every Sparkling Moments of LifeTo celebrate this joyful news, he gave me a bracelet covered with colour stones in various shapes. He called it “Every sparkling moments of life with you”. It is a long name and I don’t know since when he becomes so good in naming jewelleries 🙂 He said it signifies every sparkling moments we spent together and look forward for more to come…

Well, I am still not in my best yet, hardly functional at all. Therefore when there’s lack of post in this blog, you will know that I am lying on bed, resting and talking to my baby…

I told God that all my friends are having a good time celebrating Christmas, chasing dreams and travelling around the world and I am sitting at home vomiting and can’t do anything~ He told me to be patient, because He has got a new chapter full of adventures and excitements for me 🙂

Till thenTill then, thank you so much for reading and happy Christmas shopping everyone!!

18 thoughts on “We’re Expecting!

  1. Actually I thought about you today and what ever happened to you last month or so because you didn’t blog, and I missed it. Amazing! CONGRATULATIONS to you both! I”m so happy to hear about it. 🙂


  2. Amen, praise God He will strengthen u & help u. So rest in His promises, u’ll be doing well. Do take care & njoy yr pregnancy. Do get a good pregnancy book as a guide from Harris Jusco Aeon. God bless & congrats again 🙂 Blessed Christmas.


    1. I experience God a lot when I am alone during the early pregnancy. He assures me that He is always there and I am truly filled with joy~ Thank you for your kind wishes! God bless.


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