Goldfish Girl

Gold Fish1

As you may already realized, being a blogger can feel very much like you are living in a fish bowl. There is a transparency and exposure necessary to this particular path, that I am just coming to find my way with; while it continues to change at the speed of light.


Choosing this path can be challenging while opening a world of opportunity that you didn’t even know possible.Sometimes it’s hard, and it is very easy to lose focus on why I first started this blog. Sometimes, I got discouraged by low readership or I tried too hard writing something to please others rather than what I truly like. Sometimes, I couldn’t reveal too much of my personal views on certain sensitive issues…

But at the end of the day, I realize one of the secrets to finding contentment and success within this space, is to stay fiercely loyal to your vision. And mine is to express and search for a life more fully and freely lived…


Thank you for reading my blog all these while. I am so touched every time when people tell me that they read and like my writings.

May you finds what ignites your passion and tickles your fantasies…

Have a great day~

XOXO Eryn ❤

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One thought on “Goldfish Girl

  1. I love nail arts as well, that’s why i started doing it at home. I love coloring and drawing on the nails =)) so if you really love it, buy some things and ask friends if you can use them as models hehe


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