10 Random Things

1) I am attracted to anything that blings, sparkles and shines. It always makes me feel good and glamorous.

Sparkles Collage

2) I was never drunk before. Not because I can drink a lot, it’s because I always get tipsy–>become super talkative–>then sleep… 🙂

Cocktail Time

3) My favourite vacation spot is definitely beach. It’s about the smell of salty sea, sound of waves and the squeaky white sands. I love staying under the sun, sip on coconut juice, play my favourite music and read a good book in my bikini.

With my bestie Patricia in Bali~

4) I enjoy chocolate very much. I estimate myself consuming around 7kg of chocolate each year.

Eryn London 9

5) I truly believe in magic. I become a kid when there’s a magic show going on. I never ever tried to crack the secrets behind the magic or guess what’s going on next. I am charmed by miracles performed with sheer delight.

6) I like driving my convertible on Saturday evening. Enjoying sunset and eat my favourite chocolate ice cream at the same time. It feels like I am living in faraway land…

7) In contrary to popular belief, I am not into shopping at all. I make list and “buy” things most of the time. Perhaps, I am the kind of girl who knows exactly what I want and when I want it.


8) When I was young, I always imagine myself wearing my long low waist floral dress; guitar at the back seat of my old vintage convertible; sitting next to my dreamy unemployed artistic lover boy; in a foreign land, heading to nomadic adventures… But in reality, I never close to/know anyone close to that 😛

9) I love love love nail arts! If I am not doing what I am doing now, I think I’d be a manicurist, drawing flowers and sticking diamonds on people’s nails.

Nail Designs

10) I love arts. I play musics, compose songs, write poems, paint paintings and designing my own dress. I am not particularly talented. To me, it’s a kind of self-expression and emotional liberation 🙂

One of my favourite oil on canvas, using sands from Surfers Paradise.

That’s for now.

Thank you for reading! XOXO 🙂

Eryn ❤

Before she made a scene.
Last Fling Before The Ring!
Eryn Was About To Pass Out!
Eryn Kimono 16
ERYN’s [KIMONO]夏の浴衣写真

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