Dining Experience at Sky on 57 [Marina Bay Sands]

Well, as you might have noticed, I am posting more about FOOOOOD nowadays (cos’ that’s the privilege a pregnant woman has —> eat all the time!) Just to update you, I gained 9kg since I got pregnant!!! OMG~

So here’s about my dining experience at one of the coolest landmark in Singapore – Marina Bay Sands~ image When Kelvin called on a Friday evening at 4p.m. telling me that Georges and Vilen are free to meet us for dinner at Marina Bay Sands, I was thrilled!! They are not just friends, they are more like mentors to us. Remember the beautiful French dinner that we had in Tahiti? Well, that’s Georges! And we were so glad to be able to catch up with them before they left for Hong Kong the next day. And the next thing that popped up in my mind was… I wasn’t dressed up at all! Plus I was wearing a pair of really worn flats with watermarks on it! (you know leather shoes, rains water leaves watermarks on it even after it dried up… However, they are supper comfy…) How? How? How? image Then I kept asking around my colleagues if my shoes look alright? And try to see if I can borrow any nicer shoes from Nicolie who worked next door. Just when I was panic and thought of going home to change, Steven said this to me: “Don’t worry, I don’t think they will notice your shoes :)”. Then I thought, yeah, that’s right, I am pregnant now, as long as I don’t walk funny, nobody is going to notice my shoes right?? So we left office at about 5p.m. and by the time we reached the restaurant it was already 7:30p.m. (thanks to traffic jam at causeway and all the red lights on the way…). This was the last glimpse of sunset that I caught on my camera. image Magnificent isn’t it?

Sky on 57 showcases a modern interpretation of Franco Asian Cuisine in a setting that offers a bird’s eye view of Singapore and the bay. Located at Tower One on level 57, the 12,000 square foot restaurant offers guests an unparalleled vista while they dine in a relaxed, sophisticated environment. image That’s us, Georges and his lovely wife Vilen 🙂 We were being placed at a table right beside the window where we could have a nice bay view from 57th floor. We were being served with some nice small bread with butter. I must say the breads were prepared with sincerity. At most of the restaurant that we went to, even high-priced restaurant, they serve cold, stony breads. But here at Sky on 57, they serve warm breads in different variety, cheese, garlic, French…etc… and they tasted so nice! I so wanted to have more but afraid that I would be full when the main is served 🙂

Seared Hokkaido Scallops – SGD 50 image

It was soooooo nice! The small fragments of parmesan cheese on top of the scallops make it taste so divine especially when eating together with the parsley gravy beneath. Oh, I am salivating now…

Tempura of Stuffed Soft-Shell Crab – SGD 38image

You probably can’t tell from the picture that it’s crab (it was so dimmed in the restaurant). But this was indeed what I ordered  for Kelvin. According to Kelvin, the vegetable and lobster sauce they used to make this dish make the fried soft shell crab tasted extraordinarily delicious.

Main: Sauteed Maine Lobster “Marco Polo” – SGD 30image

I wonder why it’s being named “Marco Polo”, could it mean when West meets East? Cos’ at first glance, it does look like “wan ton mee” with lobster on it 🙂 The portion is pretty small, and Georges was afraid that it might not be enough for me as I am eating for 2 now, he said. It is a little bit spicy and because they used thin spaghetti to make this “Marco Polo”, it really tastes like lobster “wan tan mee” 🙂

Duo Preparation of Sakura Chicken – SGD 52image

Kelvin ordered this and when he had the first bite, his comment was: This is so tender! He has never tasted chicken in this texture and he liked it so much. The chicken breast was roasted and the chicken thigh was salted and then cooked and preserved in duck’s fats. Very well done~

Steamed Canadian Halibut – SGD 60image

This was what Georges ordered and this was also the dish that made us look at the restaurant differently. The story went like this, being a fish lover who lives in a place full of fresh fishes, Georges has a great knowledge of how fishes from different region of the world taste like. So when he used his spatula-shaped blade to cut the fish, his showed a puzzled expression on his face. Then he was there studying the Halibut fillet thoroughly. Kelvin asked him, what’s wrong Georges? “I don’t think this is a Canadian Halibut, it looks more like Vietnamese…”. I was chit-chatting with Vilen and when I overheard his words, I put down my fork and asked: Wow Georges~ You can even tell the origin of the fish just by looking at it!!? (cos’ I really find it unbelievable, for I can only tell whether the fish is fresh or fishy, which is super obvious…). Then he explained, the texture of Canadian Halibut has dense meat and should be firm. He pointed at his plate and said, but this one becomes flaky and loose when it’s cut. (Interesting…)

So Kelvin called up one of the pretty waitresses and explained the situation to her. She quickly offered to change a new one for Georges, but Georges was so kind that he said it’s okay. Then Kelvin told her that we just want to find out more about the origin of the fish and if it’s Canadian, why is it so tender? The waitress smiled and said she will go check it out and get someone who has better knowledge to explain to us but that person never turn up -.-

It was a splendid night although the bill is huge! The overall dining experience was good (largely due to the company and the atmosphere) and I’ll definitely recommend to those who want to spend some quality time enjoying quality food together. You can click here for reservation and menus.


After the dinner, we went out to the deck to have a better look of the night view. Georges and Vilen were commenting that Singapore looks more “peaceful” at night. That night we shared a lot about life, families and experiences. Vilen told me alot about living in Tahiti, San Francisco and a great deal on her grandchildren. Some tips and tricks in taking care of babies and diet and stuffs… She even bought us a set of lovely baby clothes from this French brand “Petit Bateau”. I am so touched! They are very nice people right?

 When we walked ourselves to the carpark, I noticed that they hold hands and talked and cracked jokes on each other. I became so envious that I squeezed Kelvin’s palm lightly and prayed secretly in my heart that when we are at their age, we can still do that together and travel to different places and eat and meet friends and enjoy each others company… image“Love is like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it.” – Nicholas Sparks

Have a lovely day everyone!

XOXO Eryn 🙂

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