Stay Beautiful During Pregnancy with CLARINS


If you think that the French doesn’t understand Asian women, think again…Clarins 15a

The first encounter with Clarins was actually through their No.1 selling stretch mark control product. It was widely publicized by magazines and when my bestie Lindy told me to get one of it, I knew it must be really good. And here’s where I begin to know this brand more…  Clarins5

The anti-stretch mark products come in a pair (although Clarins does have a series of products which includes scrubs and shower oil… but I only use these fantastic duo). I started using it when I was 12 weeks pregnant. You know, stretch marks sounds really really horrifying to a lot of woman, especially to me!

So, here’s how you suppose to use the product. After you showered, rub the “Huile Tonic” (the bottle on the right) on the area of your tummy, lower abdomen and your breast. Then you rinse it off before you apply the stretch mark control cream (tube on the left) on the same areas.


Then you massage your body to let it absorb and voila!

I don’t know if you can see clearly that after the demonstration on my right hand, it becomes so moist, smooth and “elastic”~ I am now 34 weeks pregnant and so far there’s no marks on my tummy, so yeah, if you are looking for a good product for stretch mark control, I’ll definitely say: CLARINS 🙂Clarins4

And ever since then, I’ll visit the Clarins counter from time to time to know more about other products of theirs. One day after work, I remembered I was looking for a product that can provide me a rich moisturizing effect, I was introduced to Clarins Double Serum. image

To me, my pregnancy has made my skin become really “dry” to an extend that I can see fine wrinkles forming near my nose and nasolabial fold. My usual routine and skin regime before didn’t seem to work anymore!


This Double Serum (RM280) is my must-have for beautiful skin that I can’t live without now! It’s a combination of water-based and oil-based formulas that makes my face appears more “bouncy” and wrinkles reduced!

Asian women have a common fear, we don’t want our skin to turn yellowish (黄脸婆)! We want to be fair, fairer, and not just “white” but we desire the translucent fair skin!

And here’s the answer: Clarins White Plus Series!


Here, I’ll highlight a few of my favourite items from the series. First of all, Water Comfort One Step Cleanser! In one simple step, this soothing cleanser creates the sensation of water-fresh cleansing — without the water. (I deduce that I can use this when I am in my confinement so to reduce contacting too much water).

Staff at Clarins counter has good product knowledge and is very helpful in assisting customer to find the suitable products.
Clarins 11

My second favourite, Clarins Intensive Brightening Serum (RM295). The skin care for fairer, more even skin with ultimate translucency and healthy-looking luminescence! The antidote to 黄脸婆!! 😀 This serum, unlike the Double Serum mentioned above, instantly blends and dissolves into the skin. Leaving a refreshing clean sensation.


Thing you won’t forget before you leave the house when you are at my age: Sunscreen.

Clarins UV Plus (RM158).Clarins 10

This product comes in 3 shades, designed to suit different complexions: the natural tone (white), radiance tone (pink) and even tone (beige). I, of course have chosen the pink one! It can be used as a make up base to “revive” the skin with a subtle pink radiance.

Well, here’s my review on Clarins products for today. Despite its humble-looking packaging, Clarins does wonders to my skin 🙂 They provides a wide selection of products to suit different needs, so next time when you are looking for something, drop by their counter and you may find what you need!


Thank you so much for reading and hope you find the review useful. May beauty grows on all of you, my beloved readers!

Clarins 14Cheers to beauty and beautiful life!

XOXO Eryn ❤

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