Celebrate Motherhood with MICCIMO


The moment a child is born, the mother is also born.  She never existed before.  The woman existed, but the mother, never.  A mother is something absolutely new.  ~Rajneesh


This depicts how I feel now. After expecting a baby, I have come to know a new “me”. A “me” that has never existed before. I learn to deal with fear, embrace humility, endure hardship, sacrifice things that I love and pray at all time (not for myself but) for the well-being of my child. And I feel so blessed that this journey has been an enjoyable and truly blessed one.


Tonight when Kelvin took me out for a date night at The Fullerton Bay Hotel in Singapore, I decided to throw on my long sleeve jersey dress from MICCIMO.g6

To be honest with you, I’m very shy when it comes to tight fitting dresses during my pregnancy. I think the main reason is that most dresses I’ve seen look really tight, as if it’s trying to squeeze your baby so hard, and seem very uncomfortable. Maybe it’s a matter of finding the right design and good fabric, but for now, I have this dress made with 96% viscose to ease me into the world “belly-showing” designs. I greatly appreciate the ruched design at the sides and the silky appearance and feel. It’s demure~



To glam up the look, I paired it up with sparkling accessories and a black beret with netting for decorative purpose 🙂


I believe that (just like me) every new mother has this little “insecurity” about their changing appearance and blossoming baby bump. However, with minimal effort, pregnancy can certainly be comfortable and blissfully beautiful at the same time. And this is exactly what MICCIMO could provide!

If you like this particular dress (you can wear it even if you are not pregnant), click HERE. If you are shopping for a quality maternity wear or a PERFECT GIFT for expecting mothers, please visit



This Mother’s Day, let’s celebrate motherhood with love, joy, happiness and MICCIMO ❤


Hope you enjoy the pictures and thank you so much for reading.

Wishing you happiness today and always.


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3 thoughts on “Celebrate Motherhood with MICCIMO

  1. Beautiful lady in a gorgoues green dress. Love it, since im on a “green trip” right now myself 🙂
    All the best for the day your baby will arrive sweetie.


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