Is It Safe For Pregnant Woman To Drive?


The moment when you are pregnant, people around you will start giving you all kinds of advises. Remember to take your folic acid and iron, do not eat raw fish, avoid coffee and tea, strictly no alcohol, don’t wear high heels… But very rarely, people would tell you whether you are fit to drive or when should you stop driving.

Pregnant women choose to drive for many different reasons. These include convenience and security to comfort and freedom. I drove myself to work and run errands until I was 25 weeks pregnant. While considering whether or not to continue driving, there are a few things to be taken into consideration.


Long Journey

If you are driving, break your trip every one or two hours, walk around, and exercise your legs. Take a drink with you and make sure that you have some snacks in case you get hungry. Remember to keep your mobile phone within reachable distant.

Your Growing Body

As your pregnancy progresses, your belly grows bigger and it becomes harder for you to get in and out of a car especially with the steering wheel getting in the way. It is very dangerous if your tummy could touch the steering wheel. When there’s a sudden stop, your belly may be forced against the steering wheel and is potentially fatal for your baby.


Seat Belt

Being pregnant means that you need to be extra careful while driving. Seat belts may be uncomfortable because of the bump, but wearing a properly fitted belt best protects the mother and baby in the event of an accident. If you are in an accident, even if you don’t feel you have been hurt, you must be checked at the nearest hospital, the belt, in rare case, can cause injury to the placenta or the womb. Personally, I place a small pillow (those baby pillow) on my tummy before putting on the seat belt for comfort.


However, after 36 weeks it is advisable to let someone drive you.

1. Being driven will help to reduce your fatigue level.

2. In the event of you going into labour, having someone with you is prudent.


Hope you find this post useful in evaluating whether or not to continue driving. Last Saturday Kelvin and I went for a walk in a park nearby. To feel more casual and relax, I put on this white Asymmetrically Draped Skirt.

This asymmetrical design with a wide jersey waistband is not only comfortable, it brightens up my day! I wore it really high to cover my belly and this skirt moves like a dream. I can dance in it 🙂


I am almost in my last month of pregnancy now. I am so grateful that everything goes well and I can still sit here and write about my thoughts, feelings and dreams. I feel so thankful that MICCIMO sent all these beautiful and comfortable clothes to me and make my last trimester looking as beautiful.

Thank you so much for your kind words on my last blog post. I can never thank you enough for reading and being on this journey with me. Thank you and have a nice day~

XOXO Eryn ❤

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