Makan Makan Buffet At Cafe BLD [Renaissance Hotel]

bld makan makan

Perhaps you have heard about it so many times and wonder why is it so good that everyone keeps talking about it? Today I am going to explore what is happening in the Cafe BLD Makan Makan buffet at Renaissance Hotel, the newest 5-star hotel in Johor Bahru!!

bld central kitchen

When you first step into the cafe, there’s this huge open central kitchen with lots of friendly chefs doing “live” cooking! Unlike other buffets I have been to, here in BLD, you get to see your food being prepared right in front of you. Makan Makan buffet serves a wide spreads of cuisine ranging from local street food, Italian, Chinese, Western to Japanese etc. It’s a scrumptious feast combining both visual and taste~

Sushi Bar

bld sushi bar

Konbanwa~! I am a big fan of Japanese cuisine. Here you have a sushi bar serving a variety of sushi and sashimi made by the cute sushi chef on the spot. The sashimi was so fresh and the presentation was awesome! Besides conventional type of sushi, he also make fusion such as fried prawn balls with mayonnaise 🙂

Canton Roast

bld canto roast

Being a Chinese makes me having a higher standard for Hong-Kong-style roasted chicken and duck. First the skin needs to be crispy and the meat has to be tender and juicy. To my great surprise, it tasted so good especially when you tried it with the special sauce and crackers. (I must admit that I always thought “hotel food” is not as nice, but cafe BLD proved me wrong!) MUST TRY!

Indian Food

You probably won’t believe it, I love Indian food. It’s always full of aroma, taste and spiciness. And roti prata is my personal favourite. It’s my “lucky” breakfast, I must eat roti prata before going for exams throughout my whole primary and secondary school life. I have to stop doing it while I was in college because it costs so much in Australia, imagine a RM0.80 piece of goodness selling at AUD8.90!! T.T

bld prata making

I got so excited when there’s this live cooking demonstration of murtabak (not just some “frozen” roti)! The Indian chef made the murtabak from scratch and put it on a big round hot plate. It’s exactly how a murtabak being made by the street hawker or mamak stall~ I was so happy when he agreed to let me do mine 🙂 YooHoo~ I’m so gonna score A’s!

Noodle Bar

bld noodle bar

Pick and choose whatever you want in your noodle and hand it to the chef. Then watch him cook your noodle, uniquely and specially yours~

Traditional Malay Cuisine 

How can a “Makan Makan” buffet lack of Malay food?? You will find it difficult to choose from a massive variety. From crispy ikan kembung to ulam-ulam (traditional malay salads), fried sotong (cuttlefish) to satays~

bld ikan

bld satay

Yes, of course, satays were being grilled on the spot too! It was so delicious, I completely forgot about my diet plan~ Oh did I just say diet plan?

Dim Sum

If you think dim sum only available in the morning, you are wrong 🙂 Here at BLD, you can find steaming hot bamboo baskets full of Bao (buns), crystal dumplings, prawn dumplings, etc~ And it’s Halal (meaning it’s safe for Muslim to consume).

bld dim sum

That’s the beauty of living in a multi-racial country, we get to try different foods. Now even the Malays can get a taste of authentic Chinese food. How cool is that? That’s why we all proud to be Malaysian! Salam Satu Malaysia!  


bld Seafood

Fresh mussels and prawns were being set up nicely on ice with different dipping on the side. My favourite? To eat it with lemon and sweet Thai chilli sauce. Yummy!

Oh well, it’s so hard to choose which one to eat next…

bld lost

Western Cuisine

BLD provides a variety of western cuisines too! Black pepper lamb cutlets, prawns, teriyaki chicken to fish fillets…

bld western cuisine

They also serve pasta with a selection of different sauces…

Salad & Rojak Bar

I normally think of eating vegetable when I feel so guilty of eating too much meat… *Sorry*

bld salad n rojak

And here I’ve got a table full of different kinds of fresh vegetable to choose from, to make the perfect bowl of salad! Okay lah, I’ll just eat some vegie for the good digestion~ Beside the salad, there’s a big mixing bowl with a wooden stirrer for you to make your own bowl of Rojak (traditional fruit and vege salad with shrimp paste and grounded peanuts). It definitely fulfill my dream of being a Rojak seller, I even offer to make one for the pak cik (uncle) who queued behind me… Keke…

Kuih Muih & Kuih Raya

To be honest, I have never seen such wide selection of kuih muih before. Kelvin is a big fan of all these traditional malay kuihs. He was initially busy taking pictures and when he saw this, he straight away went to get himself a plate and starting to sample all the mouthwatering kuihs. Nom…nom…nom…

kuih muih n kuih raya

Cakes & Pastries

Remember I was saying “live cooking” earlier… you can even see how the cakes and pastries being baked through the glass. Let’s not waste the opportunity to go for a baking lesson…

bld cake making

Okay, you can start placing order for your Christmas fruit cakes now… Kekeke…

bld desser n pastries

Green tea cakes, tiramisu, cheese cakes, chocolate cakes, fruit tarts and DURIAN tarts (on the top right)… I am so glad that they are all in small bite size, so that I am able to TASTE more variety~ *Touching my bulging belly*

Ice Cream Station

Try to imagine making your own ice cream and add as many toppings as you like!

bld ice cream

Without the weighing scale (like those in Tutti Frutti), it sure taste like heaven without emptying your pocket! (Special thanks to Nicolie who taste and tell about the ice cream for me, I just couldn’t load more calories into my body anymore, I just remembered I have a diet plan *囧*)

(I am so hungry now while I write up this post… *tsk tsk tsk… Shouldn’t have write it in the middle of the night…)

And there’s more!

The outdoor section!

At the outdoor section, there’s a chef busy frying delicious fried noodles using a wok (the hawker style). Ais Kacang station with a wide spread of toppings, red beans, glass jelly, agar-agar, sweet corn, cendols, syrups and peanuts! You can DIY your own style by mixing only the ingredients you like while the friendly chef shave your ice for you using the ice machine~ Yes, as many as you like…

bld outdoor

Cotton Candy! It’s quite surprised to see a cotton candy “machine” at a buffet dinner. You can literally make your own cotton candy!!!! It’s so creative and make the whole dining experience very “carnival-like”! Oh, I’m like a kid again~ Where’s my balloons?

Fruits Bar

Fruits are good for your body.

bld fruits

And when it’s so well presented, it’s good for your eyes too!! 🙂 Let’s eat some to balance up the food pyramid!


You can basically get whatever drinks you can think of: Ice lemon tea, rosella juice, sour sop juice, air bandung, passion fruit juice, coffee, teh tarik…etc.

bld jiuce bar

The whole dining experience was excellent!

Kelvin invited the whole family here for a mini celebration of Isabelle’s full moon (1 month old) and to thank everyone for helping out during my confinement period. We were seated at a long table and it’s a great way to wind down after a busy month for all of us over a relaxing dinner.

It’s such a great place for a date night, a family gathering or a birthday celebration!

bld family

Although the cafe can seat up to 300 people, to avoid disappointment, I would advise you to make reservation first, especially if you are hosting more than 2 people. When you make your bookings, you can specify whether you want the long table, round table or you want to be seated outdoor.

bld reservation

It’s full house every night!

bld full house

Their menu changes regularly, according to seasons and best ingredients available, so contact them to find out what is on the buffet table for that week. In that case, you’ll find new surprises during your next visit!

It costs RM85++ (Adult) and 50% for child (7-12 years old) to enjoy this luscious feast, it’s a steal!

No wonder it’s become the talk of the town!

For inquiries and reservation please call: +607 381 3252

Or you can visit Renaissance Hotel Johor Bahru facebook page HERE for more information.



Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoy this review.

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Till next time…

XOXO Eryn ❤

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    1. In terms of food quality, Traders’ the best. But it is a bit far and pricey. Renaissance is more affordable with the same variety 🙂 You can just forget about Thistle.


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