Isabelle’s First Photoshoot Experience [D’ Enfant Galerie]

Baby Isabelle’s first photo shooting experience with D’ Enfant!!

Pink Dress

All the 3 of us were so excited!

So we arrived at the shop located at Jalan Serampang at about 2:00 pm. You know, when you have a baby, you need to feed her milk, bath her, play a little with her and pack all the baby’s things for an outing like this, being punctual can be very very challenging *sweat*


And I was so amazed by the beautiful deco in the shop. It’s full of elegance details with lots of props and clothes that suit kids of different sizes~


Sometimes I am so glad that Isabelle’s a girl and she can wear all the beautiful girlie things in the world…


D’ Enfant also offers maternity portraits. How I wish I could have one of a picture like this… It makes you sorta wanna get pregnant again *Kidding*


While the photographer setting up the backdrop and props, I tried to “negotiate” with Isabelle so that she could be cooperative.

“Isabelle, you just try not to be too naughty okay??”


And here we go!


Our photographer is a very patient and loving person. He would speak softly to the baby and think of all the creative poses to put her in. I come to notice that he observed the baby and tried to capture her personality rather than snapping the “perfect” same poses for everyone (that’s what a lot of photographers do!). That’s why even when Isabelle was showing grumpy faces, he would still press the shutter!

We all wish that our children would look and act just the way we want them to, but that’s not reality. Very soon after the first few pictures, she wanted her milk… Okay, okay… our starlet needs her tea milk break…


Nom…Nom…Nom… When I bottle feed her, she likes to (pretend to) hold her bottle herself, very cute right? Does your baby do that too??

After she’s full, we continued the shooting. After a few pictures, she started crying again… I became a bit embarrassed and kept apologizing to the photographer. I don’t know if mothers out there would feel the same, I feel a bit panic and discouraged when my baby keep crying and I couldn’t calm her down… However, the photographer assured me that every baby would have a moment like this. He was so accommodating and told us not to hurry, baby needs to take her own time to get ready. Yupe, he said that. (So sweet right?)


What’s she crying about?

You’re right!



Just finished drinking milk, now poop?? Really?

Mummy will change your nappy now okay? :{

After cleaning her, I held her and she slept happily in my arms 🙂

Isabelle, we are not at the nursery, we are here for PICTURES… o.O

YES, finally we can continue on the shooting~


There’s an assistant to the photographer who helped on putting on the props, adjusting baby’s position and holding the reflector. She was so helpful and both of them really know how to handle newborns, such as gently and carefully supporting her head and body. During the whole session, all of us needed to speak so softly in order not to wake her up. I was holding a fleece in case she’s cold and comfort her when she’s about to cry.


This was a snapshot of how it’s like during the photo shooting session 🙂

And our Princess Isabelle needs her beauty nap after another bottle of milk. She started to make herself comfortable here.


While Isabelle’s sleeping, the “baby-friendly” photographer was busy setting up another sets for the next shoot. I was very impressed by the professionalism, flexibility and caring of the photographer and his assistant. They genuinely cared for the baby while attempting to capture the sweet moment.


While we all thought Isabelle’s quite happy with the photo shooting session, she PUKED on the carpet~ Uh…Oh…

To my surprised, the first thing the friendly assistant said was, “It’s okay, we can always wash this, so don’t worry, let her puke”. I was blushed~

And after Isabelle finished puking, the photographer came up with a brilliant idea to keep Isabelle calm and inanimate!!


Ta Da~ Daddy became the magic carpet!!!


Kelvin was instructed to remove his shirt so that Isabelle would “smell” daddy and feel safe and secure. We noticed that in this way, Isabelle will be able to sleep better with ultimate comfort 🙂 And the best thing was, photographer can have whatever angle he wanted just by “adjusting” Kelvin. Hahaha! I was so amused by this scene and we had so much fun trying out different poses and outfits!


After we were done with the pictures, our little starlet woke up~

Perfect timing!


Isabelle, you are doing so great, mummy is soooo proud of you~ 😀

I was feeding Isabelle her milk while Kelvin packed up the baby stuffs (handkerchiefs, milk bottle, towel, nappies…etc). A little person can create such a mess! I looked at her as she happily drinking milk, and think, it was such a blessing to capture her pure baby emotions. It’s something “real and raw”, something most of us learn to mask as we get older. It is the innocence I want to document. And it’s finally done. I couldn’t help but keep thanking everyone from the studio, from photographer, his assistant, to everyone who was so kindly to offer help, comfort and patience.


Proverbs 17:6
Children’s children are the crown of old men; and the glory of children are their fathers

I understand that despite the challenges that your children present, they have wonderful personalities and wonderful gifts, and you want capture an image that presents what a blessing you know they are!

When I look back at her baby pictures, they bring those first moments together back to life; I remember things I had almost forgotten, and savor the reminders of how it felt to hold her in my arms, or see her for the first time. They’re treasures, and I wish I had more of them.


If you are not so sure about getting pictures taken in the studio, I later found out that D’ Enfant actually offers “in-home” shooting, which means they can bring the whole crew and setting to your home and take pictures for your baby. This would be great for all newborns because you will have all the baby things in hand when needed, also I supposed baby will feel more “at home”. Kekeke…

If you are considering of getting your baby portrait done, I hope this post gives you and insight of how it is like 🙂


Want to book a session? I’ve got good news!!

D’ Enfant is giving out a RM100 DISCOUNT voucher!


Not only that, you get 1 framed 16R picture of your choice worth RM488 for FREE!

Terms and Conditions:

– This applicable with minimum purchase of RM500 in single bill.
– Not redeemable in cash.
– Applicable for new package only.
– Not applicable for any existing package that purchased previously.
– Not applicable in promotion package & item.
– All vouchers strictly must be redeemed before 31st December 2013.
– Customers are advised to make shooting appointment 7 days in advance.
– Appointment slot are subjected to availability. 

To get your voucher, email me at!

(Quick, they are going off FAST!)

Now you can seriously consider booking a session for your family portraits, baby pictures, maternity pictures or graduation picture! No matter which package you choose, you will still be entitled to the discount and a free 16R framed picture, nice isn’t it?

Meanwhile, visit their website HERE for more information or drop them a message at their facebook page!

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoy this baby story.

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Have a nice day!

XOXO Eryn ❤

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