Baby Beauty Survival Guide [Lancôme Complete Make-Up Palette]

I finally know why are quick and easy make up so important. Cos’ once you have a baby, you won’t even have time to shower, not to mention putting on makeup!!

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And here’s when a all-in-one make up kit comes in handy. This Lancôme make up set was a gift from my dad when he did his duty free shopping in Narita airport while he visited Tokyo in June. It’s always sweet to receive gift from dad, no matter how old you are 🙂

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Today is Isabelle’s full moon party, and I’m going to do my makeup using this Absolu Voyage makeup pallet.  And nothing else!

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First of all, clean your face with biore makeup remover to remove oil and dirt on your face. Make sure that your face is clean before applying your moisturizer.

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This will prepare your face for the makeup 🙂


foto_no_exif (8)

I always like to use concealer before the foundation.

foto_no_exif (9)

Dab some under your eyes to cover the dark eye circles and some around the nose to cover redness and some on your chin to brighten up dark spot. Blend it well with your fingers. Do it in a dabbing motion, that way it would blend in better.

Powder Foundation

foto_no_exif (10)

This make up kit comes with a foundation powder with a cute little sponge!

foto_no_exif (11)

Start with your nose and under eyes and apply the foundation on your face evenly.

Eye Brow

Well defined eye brows are vital. Even when you decided not to wear any makeup that day, make sure you never forget about your eyebrows!

foto_no_exif (12)

I am using the eye liner pencil to fill in my brows.

foto_no_exif (13)

Start with the arch of your brow and fill in according the shape of your brows.

foto_no_exif (14)

(You don’t always have to use your makeup product according to the label. You can always try using your mascara as eyeliner or lip colour as blusher!)

Eye Shadow
Look, the make up kit comes with a petit brush labelled “eye”.

foto_no_exif (15)

Here I use the pearly white colour as highlighter to highlight the brow bone and nose for more definition.

foto_no_exif (16)

foto_no_exif (17)

Then I use a glitter metallic bronze colour as eye shadow colour.

foto_no_exif (18)

foto_no_exif (19)

Next I use the pink shiny colour to highlight the inner corner of my eyes.

foto_no_exif (20)

It makes eyes appear bigger.

foto_no_exif (21)

Eye Liner

foto_no_exif (22)

I use the same crayon pencil to draw my eye line. I love to make a pointy end in order to draw mini cat eyes. It makes my eyes appear longer and thus my face smaller.

foto_no_exif (23)

Here I also line the lower eye line till the center of my eye to give it a rounder look.


foto_no_exif (24)

Using the eye shadow brush, I use the dark burgundy shadow to contour my nose.

foto_no_exif (25)

Draw them according to the wing of your nose and blend it well with your fingers. It will further define your nose and make it appear pointier.


foto_no_exif (26)

Smile and brush them on the apple of your cheeks!

foto_no_exif (27)

Lip Liner

foto_no_exif (28)

Having a lip line on not only define your lips, it also make your lip colour stays longer.

foto_no_exif (29)

Lip colour
This makeup palette also comes with a small lip brush.

foto_no_exif (30)

Using a lip brush to apply your lip colour will fill the colour more evenly on your lips, covering all the crease and thus make it appear smooth and longer lasting.

foto_no_exif (31)

There are 2 shades of lip colour available in the make up kit. I chose the light pink on the left.

foto_no_exif (32)

And then the lip gloss on the right.

foto_no_exif (33)

I apply the lipgloss in the middle of my upper lip and lower lip so that my lips look fuller.

foto_no_exif (34)

It really surprise me when I see this small tube of mascara in this all in one kit.

foto_no_exif (35)

Swipe it in an upward motion on each eyes lashes for about 20 times.

foto_no_exif (36)


foto_no_exif (37)

My beauty survival makeup using only a makeup kit! It’s so small and handy. I can replace my whole make up case with just one little case!

Tonight we are having a little party at home, so I better make sure that my hair are all in place 🙂

First, make small braids at both side of the ears. Pull them from both sides so that it becomes flat and wide.

foto_no_exif (38)

Tie them together at the back and pin a ribbon on to cover the ends.

foto_no_exif (39)

Take out the curler and start curling hairs inwards to create an elegant look.

foto_no_exif (40)

Sorry for the blur images, as I’ve said earlier, now I have very limited time to to my makeup and taking pictures at the same time can be really challenging for me *sweat*

Well, here’s the finished look!

foto_no_exif (41)

Okay, next thing is to dress up baby Isabelle:) Which one do you like?

foto_no_exif (42)

She looks like a doll isn’t she??

foto_no_exif (43)

Well now, if you pardon me, I have a party to host!!

Thank you so much for reading. Have a great Thursday everyone!

What are your tricks in simplifying your makeup? Share with me!

XOXO Eryn ❤

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