Mummy Deserves A Break! [Your Perfect Staycation at Renaissance Hotel]

New mummy (Me! Me! Me!) really deserves a delicious and glamorous vacation after 9 months of pregnancy and for all the good works done giving birth and taking care of the baby!

Unfortunately, it can be difficult finding the time or money to go on the said vacation 😦 Exhausting work schedules and busy calendars prohibit most mummies, from taking week-long trips to faraway lands. And it officially sucks to see your friends posting pictures of themselves on Facebook, frolicking in the dazzling blue waters of the Caribbean while you’re trying to catch up works piled up during your maternity leave.

But if there’s one little consolation, it’s this…

An easy-breezy Staycation!!! *throw confetti*


We were lucky to team up with the new 5-star luxury hotel – Renaissance Hotel Johor Bahru to relax and enjoy our own great escape as vacationers.


So now I can crop these pictures and convince my Facebook friends that I am living high on the hog in Rome 😀


Upon arrival, we were being seated comfortably at the lobby’s couch. The check-in process was so efficient. For the first time, the friendly staff brought over the documents for me to sign rather than me have to wait at the counter 🙂 I felt so exclusive ALREADY!


For those who are concerning about the safety in Johor Bahru, we feel so safe in the hotel as each floor has its exclusive key card elevator access!



The moment we open the door of our room, it swept us off our feet~

We were offered an elegantly designed junior suite which is generously spacious and well equipped. The room is outfitted with comfortable furnishings and plenty of space to unwind. It consists of a big bedroom and a living area, separated by 2 sliding doors.

Living Area

It could have been the rich wood furnishings, crisp white linens, fabulous carpet and colour scheme, we felt so at home, it’s definitely more that way than a hotel suite. *Don’t ask me why*

The bed was lovely, huge and comfortable! I had some lovely and much-needed sleep!



I loved loved loved the bathroom!

This bathroom, even by hotel standards, was humongous. It has 2 sinks, an enclosed toilet, a walk-in closet attached to it, a separate shower and a very lovely bath tub (almost the same one here), where you can have your bubble bath while enjoying the panoramic view of Permas skyline *Nice*


Another thing I love about the hotel is it provides free bottled water! It kept popping up in places such as the mini bar and bathroom. You know how frustrating it could be when you are thirsty and struggling with the kettle to enjoy water for free.

After I had my beauty nap on the nice and comfortable bed (which I almost didn’t want to get up), Kelvin and I decided to checked out the gym. We normally don’t use gym facilities in the hotel during vacation, but I seriously need to lose some weight after being a pig during pregnancy for nine months~ *oink*



The workout facilities offered include a full range of cardiovascular equipment, strength training equipment and floor space for miscellaneous exercises such as fitness ball workouts. All brand new!!

And here’s Eryn working out~


This is probably the first time (in this blog) you ever see me wearing a pair of running shoes… And this was the first time we ever stepped in a hotel gym. Now you know how good it must be. No kidding, I was really working out while Kelvin busy taking pictures of the surrounding.


Towels and bottled water are so conveniently provided.

And oh, did I mention, personal training services are offered?


See, I worrrked so hard!~ *trying to catch my breath*


After working myself so hard, it’s time to top up some calories 🙂

I washed and changed and we headed to the Club Lounge for some tea and canapes.

As we walked through the corridor and entered the lift, we were greeted by the hotel staffs. We felt genuinely welcomed here. Everyone went out of their way to make sure we and everybody else was looked after.


It felt so nice to be able to sit down and have a cup of cafe Latté with Kelvin, just to enjoy each others company. It had been such a long time since Isabelle’s born. As we snacked on the cookies and cakes, we shared jokes and dreams, just like the way we were.


Club Lounge offered a wide range of drinks from fruit juices to soft drink, Italian coffees to beers… It’s such a luxurious comfort to spend a lazy afternoon, sipping coffee with loved one overlooking the coastline 🙂


Women just love big closet and huge mirror!


This sizeable walk-in closet is like a dream! It has more than enough space to accommodate everything in our luggage. How I hate travelling with wrinkled dresses and out-of-shape shoes… With this big wardrobe, now I can take them out and put them on nicely. It also comes with a digital storage locker and lots of hangers.


Just when we were getting ready for the dinner, the housekeeping sent to our room a baby cot!! What a surprise! I remembered I only told them once that Isabelle might be staying with us for the night, and they so thoughtfully prepared the baby cot for us. I totally didn’t expect that. How nice and considerate~

Baby Cot

We had our dinner at cafe BLD, the hotel’s signature buffet feast!

bld makan makan

I must say we all had a great meal which was outstanding for money. Click HERE for the full review.


Next to cafe BLD is R-Bar, offering live band performance and impressive drinks menu.

R Bar1

Holding a cup of hot coffee in my hand, I adored the details of the R-Bar which is classy and tastefully decorated to resemble a cozy homey living room.


My mum brought Isabelle over so that she could stay with us for the night. I just couldn’t sleep without her!

Room N

Spending time together with Kelvin and Isabelle was by far the most satisfying thing that I have done for the night. As the night fall, the darkness were filled with gorgeous lights from all the buildings around. We were chilling at the living area, watching Skyfall 007 from one of the 25 channels available on the flat screen TV. It was one of the moment I wanted to capture and store in my memory box. Something I want to cherish forever. My happiness overflows and I am so grateful that, finally, we are a family of 3. For a long time, I thought that such surreal experiences could occur only for a few seconds… I don’t know how to put it in words, but it was a truly unforgettable night for a new mother like me ❤


The great thing about a staycation is, you can sleep until whenever you want…

The mini bar comes with a coffee machine! So I made my own coffee while doing my make up in the morning. It’s heaven for a coffee lover like me!

Mini Bar

Breakfast takes place at the cafe BLD, same place where we had our dinner. It’s such a surprise to see what it has to offer when sun rises.

An equally impressive wide selection of breakfast: roti canai, salads, porridge, dim sum, noodles…


Pastries, cakes, fruits… They all look soooo delicious… It left me very indecisive of what I want next…


Besides coffee and tea, fresh fruit juices and smoothies were prepared right on the spot.


And look, my favourite part of the breakfast – cereal bar with iced fresh milk~

Yeah baby, this is what I call a Big Breakfast!


After the breakfast, we decided to go and splash some water 🙂


The hotel has a lovely terrace pool.


We spent a enjoyable amount of time at the pool, just to chill and relax.


I really couldn’t remember when was the last time I had a sauna. It was something I look forward to after a good swim.

Changing Room

Everything in this hotel is so lovingly prepared. There’s nobody in the sauna that day, so I could have the whole sauna to myself! Sorry for all the selfies… I just wanted to show you how happy I was before keeping my camera in the locker 😀


Okay, time to sweat and detox~


Let’s shower in the classy bathroom before checking out.


Everything I need was there. Toiletries by Tokyo Milk.


We had such a great time staying in Renaissance Hotel Johor Bahru and we love every minute of it. If you just need some time to unplug, unwind and slow things down, a little staycation is probably what you need. Check out their website HERE or facebook fan page HERE for reservation and more information.

Check Out

Do you feel rested and rejuvenated yet??  (YEAH) We do~ Happy Staycation!

Wan Li

After checking out, we were invited to a wonderful molecular gastronomical lunch!

Stay tuned for more~

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed my first staycation story.

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Have a great day!

XOXO Eryn ❤

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