Hello Babydoll~

I have been receiving messages to ask for more of Isabelle’s pictures. Kelvin and I seldom post pictures of hers cos’ we are afraid of spamming all of you with ridiculously cute pictures… Kekeke… And we also worried that people might see us as photo maniac parents, which in fact, WE ARE…

So, are you ready for some cute baby pictures?

Isabelle 1

This is 3 month old Isabelle with her sleeping buddy. I can’t believe that in a blink of an eye, she is 3 month old now. She started to smile and interact with us alot.

foto_no_exif (58)

foto_no_exif (60)

Also, sleeping buddy can serve as a pillow when mummy changing nappy…

foto_no_exif (57)

Isabelle started to hold her milk bottle all by herself…

foto_no_exif (55)

And sometimes we brought her out for dinner in her small carrier.

foto_no_exif (56)

Overall, she is easy to take care of and most of the time she smiles and talk to people in her baby language…

foto_no_exif (64)

Her vocab is quite limited, something like:

Lll… Ark… No… (<—Yes, she knows how to say no at this age…), Aunku… LMu…

foto_no_exif (65)

foto_no_exif (67)

And of course, she has her Not-So-Glamourous moment…

foto_no_exif (66)

The happiest moment is when I wake up every morning to see her cute smiling face.

foto_no_exif (69)

She likes people to greet her in a high pitch voice “Good Morning Isabelle~”. She will smile back~

foto_no_exif (68)

Isabelle loves to hang out with daddy.

foto_no_exif (46)

foto_no_exif (71)

We brought her to church on Sunday and she seems quite enjoy worshiping.

foto_no_exif (70)

(Well, maybe…)

I am so happy that she is a very cheerful baby. Maybe her daddy cracked too much jokes when she was still in mummy’s tummy…

foto_no_exif (45)

And mummy loves playing dress up with her.

foto_no_exif (62)

First 3 month has passed smoothly and I thank God for this precious child every time I look at her. My biggest wish now is that she will grow strong and healthy.

foto_no_exif (63)

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoy the pictures 🙂

Have a great weekend!

XOXO Eryn ❤

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