What Would You Wear To A Very Important Date?

Paris 3

Hi everyone!

How’s Monday treating you so far? I have a very very important dinner date coming on and I can’t decide what to wear! This seldom happen to me, as I always know what to wear. But this time, things get a little bit different, cos’ I am going to a place I have never been before and I have absolute no idea what is okay to wear…

I want it to be super-flattering, glamourous and comfortable at the same time for a perfect date night. I do not want to under-dress nor over-dress.

OMG, it’s so hard…

Paris 2Paris 9

Paris 1

Paris 7

Paris 6

Paris 8

Paris 4

So, if you are going to a very very important dinner date, what would you wear?

Share with me please~

Have a great week ahead!

XOXO Eryn ❤

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Eryn Red 1a
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4 thoughts on “What Would You Wear To A Very Important Date?

  1. I love your ideas! Red dress would definitely suit you because you have a dark hair. I have long black lace dress waiting for me for my perfect date. I know it´s a bit too over dressed but I don´t care. All I want is to look great for my date.


      1. Hahaha… You will not believe what happened. My very special dinner date on Eiffel Tower did not happen due to a BOMB ALERT! Will maybe talk about it in my next post 🙂


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