Anuga 2013 [Keep Dreaming]

To me, being on this trip is like a dream.


It was also the first time after Isabelle’s born, I travel without her.

Poor baby, she has no clue that daddy mummy are going away…


It’s also the first time we travel together again after Isabelle’s birth. Even at the moment I boarded the plane, I still couldn’t believe that I am going to Frankfurt! Everything was just so dreamy…


I had a window seat and managed to get some sleep during the 12 hour flight.


We arrived Frankfurt early in the morning. The sky was dark and the rain drops fallen on the glass makes the lights shined like little gems in the dark. It was 9 degrees Celsius out there and I could feel the coldness from the cabin.


The journey from Frankfurt to Düsseldorf took about 2 and a half hour drive. We loaded our 8 pieces of luggage into a mini van we hired and tried to catch some sleep in the car. During the trade fair period, hotels in Köln became very expensive (about double to triple the prices) so we stayed at Düsseldorf, which is about 25 mins trains away from Köln Messe. After we checked in, we carried the product samples and stuffs for the exhibition to the Anuga fair ground.



Finding our ways around the Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof (train station) was not easy as everything is in German that we couldn’t even pronounce. We have to ask around and eventually still hopped on to a wrong train that took us more than one and a half hour to reach our destination.



We were tired, and cold and motion sickness kicked in as I sat on the train that stopped every now and then. Kelvin and I were gazing at the German country sceneries along the way and tried to convince ourselves, maybe this was part of God’s plan.


And when we finally arrived, I was astonished by the huge fair ground that could accommodate 6000 exhibitors from all around the world.


When we walked into the hall that we will be displaying our products, I saw this massive numbers of people from different part of the world, busy constructing their space and displayed their food products, ranging from dried goods such as nuts, dehydrated fruits to bread and cakes etc etc…








Standing among them, made me feel so small. The more I browsed through the hall, the more I recognized our own strength and weaknesses. There were hundreds and thousands of companies doing the same thing as we do, what makes us stand out?

I carefully unpacked the things we brought and put them on the display shelf. Finding the best possible angle to make them look good, hoping to catch the eyes of any potential buyer.

By the time we finished setting up, it’s already 6:00pm. Kelvin and I were lugging this huge empty suitcase out from the hall and walked to the train station. I saw this huge poster saying, Anuga: Taste the Future.


Severely jet-lagged… It was cold and my feet were killing me after all the walking. It was nearly dreamy when we finally sat down, waiting for our train back to Düsseldorf on the platform. I lie on Kelvin’s shoulder and wondered, Taste the Future


If this is where the future lies, will we be part of the future taste? After years and years, will we be still standing proudly doing what we are doing now? I must admit, my confidence was shaken abit after seeing the tough competition lies ahead of us, I don’t know…


Kelvin seemed to notice my worries, and he said to me, God places us here for a reason, so we see and taste the future. Although we are very small, but we are glad that we are part of it.

We’ll make it there…

Kelvin is never good with words, but he has this wisdom in him that makes him very comfortable to be with.


That’s the first day of our journey to a great eye opening experience in Germany, the Anuga Food 2013.


Although we are very small, but at least we are part of the future now 🙂

Thank you so much for reading. Thank you for sharing the journey with us.

XOXO Eryn ❤

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