Let’s Play In The Woods

Eryn ITW8There’s so much to love about leaves burst into brown and orange. These days are cold and crowd are sparse. And it seems to be the perfect time to play a little in the woods, enjoying the serenity nature has to offer 🙂

Eryn ITW4

Eryn ITW1

Eryn ITW5

Eryn ITW6

Eryn ITW3

Eryn ITW2

One day before we came back from Paris, we visited Palace of Versailles and snapped these pictures in the musical garden before it got too cold and dark. I paired this pale pink boxy jacket (with faux fur) with a pair of white boots to style an autumn look. It was so fun to explore the huge garden when wind blew and musics playing in the background. The last couple of weeks has been a whirlwind for us, after Anuga we have had so much to catch up. Also, I have several new projects coming up for my blog which I am really excited about. So maybe it would take forever before I can finished sorting all the pictures we have taken 🙂

Eryn ITW7

As you are reading this, I might be buried under a piles of work on my desk or/and watching Isabelle’s new body flipping act (yes, she is capable of doing that now)… Whatever it is, I feel so blessed that I have all the opportunities to work on something that I truly like, and never had to do anything boring or exhausting to support myself.

Have a good day everyone! If you are out in the cold, please wear sufficient layers to keep warm; and if you are living in summer now, wear tropic-friendly clothing so that you can breathe through summer.

Thank you so much for reading~

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