Bonjour de Paris! {Magical Eiffel Tower Tour}

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Hello everyone! A very good Monday! Today I wanna share with you an amazing experience in Paris —> The Eiffel Tower tour!! It’s always a dream for me (and Kelvin too) to go up the Eiffel Tower and explore Paris~ And when Kelvin told me that we are going to Paris, it’s like a DREAM COMES TRUE!

It’s autumn in Paris and I have had a hard time choosing the perfect outfit for a special day like this 🙂 Pants? Stilettos? Sweater? Hat? Red coat? Oh gosh… it’s so hard~ I ended up pairing a lacey dress with a white sweater, a pink cape coat and a pair of white boots 🙂 I put on a pink matching headband too!


Hello Eiffel! Here we are! Nice seeing you~


It was gigantic, looking from the ground. Wow~ I have seen it a thousand times on magazines and TV, but seeing it for REAL was something very magical to me.


Kelvin booked us a private Eiffel tour at 5pm and in order not to be late, we were there earlier! *Excited*

So, we decided to have a little walk at the Champ de Mars 🙂

Suddenly, I noticed that people were looking at me

Well then, I started to realize that maybe I am a little overdressed? (I mean, how can you be overdressed in Paris?)


I asked Kelvin, “Darling, do you think I am overdressed? Looking weird?”

“Don’t worry dear, we are dressy people…” <— How classic~


I wore a pair of pink gloves too 🙂


There were so many tourists taking picture of the giant landmarks. And along the way, we kept offering others to take pictures for them. And one Malaysian couple offered to return the favor by taking this picture for us 🙂 which I love love love so much!


So here’s the thing, if you are visiting Eiffel, there’s a lot of walking involved. And obviously, unless you wanna get blisters or end up crippling yourself, wear a pair of heels. But if you long for perfect picture, you can wear the pain like I did.


We didn’t walk for too long until we decided to sit down and rest for a while. Luckily the grass was dry and it was so comfortable to be able to sit and enjoy some chocolates Kelvin has got from the Chocolate Museum in Cologne 🙂


Below is my favourite picture of us in Paris. It captures the moment of nice weather, sunshines, love and romance 🙂 This was a self snap picture with timer, Kelvin is getting really good at it now 🙂


So, it’s almost 5 and we walked to the waiting point.


The tour consisted about 10 people and the cool part was we were going to skip the 5km queue and went straight UP!



After a short briefing, we were being led to the special lift at the south pillar.



How excited!!


The lift  consists of 2 cabins and is able to fit around 20 people. The unique part of it is, it moves at an oblique angle. We skipped the first level and went straight up to the second floor.


I remembered I was holding Kelvin’s hand as the lift moved, the views from the transparent window was fascinating. It felt so unreal and I couldn’t believe that we were really doing this 🙂


Looking at the Champ de Mars from the second floor…


At the other side of the tower is Palais de Chaillot, where you can take postcard-like pictures of Eiffel Tower.Paris36

Paris turned golden as it gradually approached sunsets…


I used my Iphone to take this panoramic view of Paris. Amazing isn’t it?


And just when Kelvin and I were enjoying the sunsets while listening to the history of Eiffel Tower from our tour guide, something interesting happened! An American tourist came to me and asked if she can take a picture with me!? She said I look very pretty and asked if I was a celebrity?! (I was like…!!! and tried to give her my best smile…) *How flattering~* Kekeke…


The golden moment…


Kelvin and I then took the lift to go up to the top of the tower (summit). The ticket to the summit normally sold separately. However, with the express ticket that we’ve got, we didn’t even need to queue 🙂

The city lit up gradually as dusk fell…


Cold breeze swept in as we reached the summit. The night became more beautiful…


It seriously felt like I am dreaming with my eyes wide open…



I gazed at the city and a smile drawn on my face. I wished I could tell you how magnificent it was, but these pictures were just not enough to depict the beautiful moment. You really need to see it for yourself here…


We lingered around until it became too cold and crowded and we took the lift back to the ground.



Walking on the Pont d’lena, we were searching for the best spot to enjoy a night view of the glowing Eiffel Tower.


We then saw a bunch of people queuing up in front of this little stall selling crepes~! And we decided to give it a try. We ordered a crepe with egg, ham and cheese to share. It costs us about €7.50.



It was very yummy and we even went back to that stall on the next day 🙂


As we sat down and enjoyed the hot-off-the-pan crepe, I was stunned and in awe when I looked up and the Eiffel was sparkling in this white shining lighting…

OMG! Darling, look! It sparkles!!! 

I never knew that Eiffel Tower sparkles… And it’s so beautiful and touching and I was on the verge of bursting into tears…

Paris6It sparkles for a full 5 minutes…

It was my first Paris Eiffel experience and pardon me if I sounded over-excited. But I knew it for sure, that was one of the greatest moments that makes up my beautiful life journey.

Thank you so much for reading! Being able to share this experience with all of you makes it even more meaningful 🙂

Especially for you >HERE< The magic of Paris~

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