How To Lose Weight After Pregnancy?

I believe many of you, especially new mother, are looking for the ways to lose weight after pregnancy. Here’s an article based on true experience of Ms. Lindy Tan, a beautiful woman with successful career and a mother of two (who is also my best friend!). Hope it inspires you on your journey to weight loss~

Looking back it’s been a lot for me for the past one year, even up to today everything still seems miraculous to me. Finally it is time for me to reward myself a little and share my happiness/beauty tips. I’m not selling any dietary products or slimming spandex, so go on with the reading only if you’re interested… I’m promoting healthy weight loss and weight control through healthy and happy lifestyle.

LINDY-74KG : 17TH FEB 2013

Pregnancy was never a difficult period for me, despite some tolerable discomfort throughout the nine months and skin allergy (it was massive and disastrous but I had it cured through herbal medic), I experienced none morning sickness and bad appetite. Thus I gained 24kgs in 9 months! How did I do that?! By the way, this was my second pregnancy (in case that you don’t know me that well), I gained 20 kg during my first pregnancy 4 years ago too.

My height: 168cm

My weight: Year 2007 48kg

Year 2008 prior to first pregnancy 50kg

Year 2009 prior to delivery 70kg

Year 2009 after all the hard work 50kg

Year 2013 (end of Feb) prior to delivery 74kg

Now (Oct 2013) 49kg

I have always been the type of girl who is very conscious about how I look like and what I can do to look better since teenage, the major thing that motherhood has changed me is now I WANT TO LOOK GOOD THROUGH A HEALTHY WAY for the sake of my family because I know being a beautiful and healthy mum makes me a happier mum and which child does not like a happy mum?


For the 24kg that I gained in the 9 months, I was lucky enough to lose 12kg upon my completion of confinement month. Baby weight was 3kg, and that means there was 9 kg of mummy weight which I shed. In fact, it was more water weight than fat as I had very serious problem of water retention. Please do not misunderstand as I must stress it enough that I was not on diet during my confinement month, but I do have very strict and healthy menu throughout that month. Thanks to Angela and Vic (Jen Clover) who take good care of me during pregnancy and confinement month! They came up with herbal tonic for me to substitute traditional oily tonic medicine which is lower in calorie. They even drafted menu for my lunch and dinner which I enjoyed a lot. Each of my meal comes with a set of fruit + vegetable + chicken/meat + soup + rice. Most importantly, I had no intake of salt AT ALL and no rice for dinner. Breaky was simple and nutritious whole meal bread and organic fruit jam. The NO SALT and low sodium diet for one month was a good preparation for the upcoming months.


It took me another 3.5 months to lose the remaining 12kg. It may seem a lot to many of you… but if you break it down, it is only 0.5-1kg per week, 3kg per month. Now it sounds more achievable right?!

1. Food

Intake of food between 1000-1200 kcal is the key, anything more or less is not good as I have a very sedentary lifestyle and do not exercise (I’m bad example =P btw I had c-section done). Besides calorie, I avoided sodium and processed food as much as I could. However, I DID NOT STARVE myself at all. I still had 3 meals a day, not more or less…

Breakfast: Whole meal bread + micro-waved egg to replace fried egg & soy milk

Lunch: grill fish fillet/chicken (opt for white meat than red meat; grill or steam but not fried) and some rice

Dinner: homemade vegetable soup (broccoli, tomato, anchovy, chicken, egg… and of course no salt…) before 6pm

Fruits always come before meal and I usually eat fruits as snacks.

2. Water

Sufficient water intake is important to have good skin as it flushes out the toxin accumulated during the 9 months. Daily intake of 2-3litre is my habit and all must be consumed before 7:30pm.

7-9am: 0.5-0.8 L

Before lunch: 0.3-0.5 L

3-5pm: 1.0 L

6-7:30pm: the last 0.5 L

I’m not sure how true that is but I do believe that cold drink slows down our metabolism, thus I rarely drink anything cold and prefer hot tea when I’m sick of plain water.


3. Acupuncture (Jen Clover Clinic @ Mont Kiara)

Acupuncture aids in weight loss as it helps to suppress appetite and increase one’s metabolism. What’s more my body retains water like a gigantic sponge?! It is especially useful when it comes to WATER-FIGHTING for me. Meanwhile, I was given Chinese herbal medic to further assist weight loss (they were powdery and came in tiny handy pack which fitted into my clutch wherever I went, it was Halal certified too).

4. Massage/Spa

As a spa lover (I even went for pregnancy massage), I do think massage and spa works for weight control too especially sculpting and toning of my body after massive weight gain/loss. Besides weight loss, it helped to lighten my stretch mark. Weekly or fortnightly visit to my favorite spa center help me to relax and detox (perspiration through steam bath) too.

5. Sleep

A good night sleep is not easy especially when you have 2 kids around. However, I do try as much as a I can and do it before 12 or even 11 if possible. I do notice that weight loss is harder when there is not enough sleep. So beauty sleep?! I call it slimming sleep!

6. Strong will + supportive family

When there’s a will there’s a way!~ I consider myself lucky to have supportive husband and family accompanying me along the way. Hub pushed and pulled me… making it a success! What do I mean by “pushed and pulled”? Whenever I was upset by not losing enough weight or did not achieve my weekly target (I gotta admit that sometimes I did lose my temper on weighing scale), hub would give me a big hug and said it was good enough and perhaps next week I’d lose more?! He joined me on my dietary plan too and lost 7kg. I call it a PULL when I needed a hand. On the other hand, he did constantly remind me of my target and watched what I ate. I call it a PUSH to move forward. Besides him, mum was supportive enough too as she has been the one preparing all these low sodium/low calorie healthy meal for me. Guess what?! They are delicious meal that even my son loves them!


Even close friends were supportive too during that 3.5 months as we avoided gathering and dinners as much as we could, if we really had to go, we’d ask for early dinner at 6 or even better if it could be lunch.

As for now that I am back to 49kg, I do not face the problem of yoyo effect. I am back to a less strict diet (trust me, I still eat healthy). To cut it simple, it has become a part of me that I

  • do not snack
  • eat 3 meals per day
  • dine before 7 if I eat at home
  • drink a lot of water instead of beverages
  • Seldom eat oily and deep fried processed food

Other than that, I do eat yummy food for the 3 meals like fried noodles, curry chicken, chicken chop, spaghetti etc. Rule of thumb is to weight myself and record it down in my APP of my phone DAILY. I would not bother much until my weight increase more than 1 kg and I would make sure that I lose that back in the next 5 days. Usually my weight does not fluctuate if I only choose to have one heavy meal + one light meal + one normal meal per day.


So guys! Or perhaps girls or even mums out there! If you are intending to lose weight for whatever reason… to be honest, my main reason is to look good, feel good and therefore pass on my “happiness energy” to people around me especially the little ones… there is no reason you can’t do it! I did it! 25kg in 4.5 months! My next Target now is to tone up and pick up some dance exercise together with my kids.

This is Millionmars first post from a friend! Special thanks to guest blogger Ms. Lindy Tan for this inspiring contribution. Thank you so much for reading!  

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  1. Wow, very impressed with your effort and it has spurred me on to work on this more. I will take your tips into consideration with losing baby weight. I just have no discipline!!


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