The Anuga Experience

Hello everyone! I hope that all of you had a beautiful weekend and not too much of Monday blues…! Today, as boring as it may sound, I am going to blog about me, working 🙂 (I know, I know…) I’ll try to make it an interesting one okay? Kekeke…


So, here’s me and my working partner, Kelvin Ong~

We went to this Taste The Future trade show in Germany together in early October. Personally, it takes about 2 days to get over the jet lag and feel like a “normal” person. Kelvin seems to adapt pretty well, but it’s not the case for me. I constantly feel tired and I notice that my body reacts differently after giving birth to Isabelle. I was so perfectly fine during the Round-The-Globe trip! Is that a sign of getting old? *OMG*

I remember one night I was so tired, I went to bed straight after coming back and when I woke up, it’s 5 a.m. in the morning and I still wearing my working clothes and with all my make up on my face *scream*. That sort of gives you an idea how exhausted I was…

Every morning, we walked about 10 minutes to the train station and tried to decipher the German on the board and guess which platform we should be catching our train.


We would buy our breakfast and coffee and eat while we run to the train.


Then we’ll take some silly pictures together (as we always do… anywhere we go…)


The weather is pretty cold in Germany. So I have to tie my hair up to prevent looking like a mad woman.


After the silly pictures taken, we would try to get some much-needed sleep…


On this trip, we were fortunate enough to meet all the good people that we have learned so much from. During a market visit in Köln, we met the export manager of the famous seaweed snacks Tao Kae Noi from Thailand. A very capable man and yet very humble and easy going. We were also very lucky to meet a few brilliant marketing people, who shared a lot with us on running successful campaign. It was real fascinating to hear their stories and experiences from real inspiring people.


I must say food in Germany was not to my liking. And my biggest comfort came from McD.


Every night, we had amazing dinner with all the interesting people from all around the world.


We laughed and lost ourselves in conversations so deeply that before we knew it, it was almost midnight~


I realized that when you talk with people who are passionate about what they’re doing, passionate about life and the people they love, it is transformative. Spending time with them is like therapy to me. It makes me want to build new things, run faster, dream bigger and live on a new level altogether.


During the show, we met some interesting people from home country too!


And a wonderful chef from Shanghai who treated us with real nice beef~




Even though Anuga is all about food, but I truly miss home. I miss all the delicious local Malaysian food. Please don’t laugh at me, but I really miss eating rice. And so when we discovered this Asian restaurant at the train station, I dragged Kelvin into it and ordered “nasi goreng” and sweet & sour chicken with rice,

And it sucks… (Mainly because it was cooked to suit German taste buds?)


Those few days time passed so quickly. And as I posed outside the exhibition hall entrance with the orange yellow leaves fallen on the ground for this picture, I knew it in my heart that I will always remember all the precious moments that has made this part of my life so unique and fruitful.


I sincerely thank those who has made my “work” so interesting and fun. I felt like a sponge, absorbed with all the energy and motivation to excel and move forward. My heart is filled with thankfulness.


Lastly, to my dear working partner… you are incredible!

I am so happy and proud to be on this journey with you. Thank you for holding my hand all the way and pushed me into the train when I was walking too slow (Click HERE for the past incident in Hong Kong).

I love you!


There are those moments of life that I’ll always remember. Not because they were important but because you were there with me.

Thank you so much for reading. Have a wonderful week ahead!

XOXO Eryn ❤

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