She Has A Secret.

Eryn O13

I always love to write. It all started when I was 5 years old. One day my dad came home with a calendar diary given by the bank. He gave it to me and told me that I can write and draw in them. I was very happy. I only wrote my best ABCs in it, and I would cut out images from new papers and flyers and sticked in the diary. It became my first inspiration book full of sketches, beautiful images and my silly words. And I carry this habit of having a small diary or journal wherever I go, till today.

photo 4

Even though we live in an era of technology when people do everything with keypads and computers, I still pen down my thoughts and feelings on papers. I remember most pictures and images that I cut and paste in my little diary were all about beautiful sceneries in some unknown foreign countries, scenes from Disneys cartoon movies and of course, beautiful dresses in various colours and designs. I guess it is how I begin to dream and cultivate appreciation for beautiful clothes and constantly desire for adventures.

photo 5

I remember in our early dating days, Kelvin used to look into my eyes and told me that I am a very secretive woman. The more he comes into my life, the more secrets he thinks I have. He was like a adventurer, going into a mysterious world and look for the treasure chest. Just like most men, he finds women with secrets very interesting and attractive. And that’s why I think having some secret dreams and document it is very important. It preserve a part of oneself and although I look quiet and consistent, but few know how many women there are in me 🙂

photo 1 And today when I unwrapped this special present from my closest friend, I was so delighted to receive the perfect gift – a leather journal with a unique 2-pin roman numeric combination lock!

photo 2

In this journal, I’ll write all my secret dreams…

Eryn O14

But remember this, once exposed, a secret loses it’s power…

This Christmas, if you are still looking for something to put under the tree, you might consider this special gift from Euphoric 🙂

Good luck and thank you so much for reading!

XOXO Eryn ❤

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2 thoughts on “She Has A Secret.

  1. Hi Eryn,
    I recently ordered the same journal but the seller didn’t leave instructions on how to change the combination. Could you help me out?


    1. Hi Catherine! I can’t remember exactly also… Hehe… But I believe there’s a hole inside where you can poke it using a pin and set your password combination?

      Do let me know how it goes okay!?



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