Korean Inspired Red Carpet Look [Diamonds x Fuchsia Dress]

Hello everyone! I hope all of you have had a wonderful weekend 🙂


The moment when I saw this dress, I knew that it would definitely gonna be a head tuner. With all the handmade crystals on the shoulder, it sparkles under the charming light as if I am wearing stars on my shoulder.


I have attempted a Korean celebrity inspired look with this beautiful fuchsia dress. I did a low hair bun and drew longer eye lines to create a soft looking Korean look.



Here I would like to share a story with all of you, my little breakthrough actually.

I must confess that I am actually a girl who is constantly feeling insecure with my appearance (regardless of how many times I checked myself in front of the mirror). That night, as I was touching up my make up in the restroom, a lady in her 50s walked over and gave me a compliment. “You look stunningly beautiful, just like a celebrity.” she said. I was flattered! One second before that, I was glancing at the mirror, thinking, maybe I look fat in this dress… Normally, upon hearing a compliment, I will deny the compliment, something like, “I think I look fat in this dress…”. But I later realized that it is very impolite, or even rude. So I have decided to accept that compliment graciously. “Thank you. I am glad that it worked out well.” I said with the best smile on my face.

Many times we are very likely to deflect a compliment because we worry that by agreeing with someone else’s praise of us, we are essentially praising ourselves and thus being smug. But little did we know, denial of a compliment actually make the giver feels uncomfortable and he/she might not be complimenting about you again. Let’s admit it, compliments make us feel great. So we should all get rid of the denial routine and learn how to accept it with class.

A simple “Thank you” will do!


Crystal Fushcia Dress :: MysteryLand

I am happy that finally I have learned to let go of the deflection routine and I feel great about that! I hope it inspires you to go around and offer compliments to others and accept it with grace and class!

Love you all!

XOXO Eryn ❤

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