3CE Magic Touch Face Maker ♥ SkinCandy

Hello Everyone!


Ever wonder how to achieve the picture perfect face?

Today I am going to show you a makeup trick to bring out your cheekbones, slim your nose and sculpt your face!!

All by using only ONE product:

3CE Magic Touch Face Maker


I personally love this product because it is so convenient to bring around and the effect is subtle.


After applying foundation and draw your eyebrows.

Step 1 Under eyes and Cheekbones


Use a brush to apply the highlighter under your eyes and on your cheekbones. It makes your cheekbones stand out and by adding more to the apple of your cheeks, it gives an extra glow.


 Step 2 Brow Bone

Apply the highlighter to your brow bones too to create defined and bigger eyes.


 Step 3 Top Of Your Nose

Draw a line down the bridge of your nose to make your nose look sharp and slim.


 Step 4 Highlight Your Chin

Dab some highlighter on your chin.


 Step 5 Above Eyebrows

I personally like to highlight the part above eyebrows. It further defines the eyebrows and makes your face look “tidy”.



Step 6 Slim Your Nose

My favourite pick to slim down the nose!


 Dab some bronzer and start at inner corner of brow and apply down both sides of the nose.


I like it when it slims down the nose instantly!


 Step 7 Under Lips

I notice that by apply some shade under the lips will make your lips pout~


From this angle, you can see the shades beside the nose actually enhance the face feature.


Step 8 Bronzer On Jaw Line

Use a blusher brush to apply the bronzer on your jaw line.


It will make your round face look more elongated and slim.


Step 9 Hollow Of The Cheeks

Instead of using a blusher brush, I prefer using a small eye shadow brush for this application.


Apply carefully on the hollow of your cheeks. Like drawing a semi circle around it…


It makes your cheekbones pop!




Looking au naturel is the NEW thing!


The Korean version make up is all about enhancing cheekbones, slimming your face, and tricking the eye in a believable way. Do you know how to contour? Share with me your favorite contouring products, tips and techniques! 


Special thanks to SkinCandy.co for recommending this product ❤

Want to try it for yourself? Connect with SkinCandy on Facebook HERE for authentic 3CE products!

Thank you so much for reading. Wishing all of you a good looking Wednesday!!

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XOXO Eryn ❤

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